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So, why not join me on an African Safari, a Safari in Magical Southern Africa? How? It's easy, simply pull up a chair, toss another log on the campfire and relax with your favourite drink in hand as the sun sets orange through the dusty haze over the western horizon.

Sit back, relax and listen to the sound of an African Night Jar and the far off roar of a lion.

While the campfire burns lower we chat about African Safari experiences, tips and advice.

We pass around pictures of places and animals that we have seen.

We also invite you to join the discussion and to share your safari experiences and photos.

Just to get the ball rolling... ... here is our latest featured photograph taken on safari in Southern Africa.

Buffalo, Kruger National Park,African Safari Buffaloes at rest...
Kruger National Park

Then as the coals glow dull red in the darkness and we listen to the cry of a Bush Baby in the background, we talk of favourite campsites, lodges, wilderness trails and hikes that we have enjoyed.

Right, now that we have the formalities out of the way we can get down to the business of discussing the magic of a Southern African Safari!

But, since we all know the tall stories fishermen can tell...

...and because I am a fisherman, we need to back up our stories with photos of off the beaten track destinations in sunny Southern Africa such as the Baviaanskloof or camping at Agua Pesquiera overlooking the Massingir Dam in Mozambique.

We also return to old favourite safari destinations such as the Kruger National Park, Etosha, the Okavango Delta and the Kalahari.

Southern African Safari Pictures - See it, Enjoy it and Experience it...

Elephant,Kruger National Park,African Safari Elephant...
Kruger National Park

We had a quick breakaway to the Kruger National Park in early December.

The Kruger National Park had a special running on their accommodation in selected rest camps from 1 to 9 December of up to 40% discounts.

We simply had no choice but to make use of this opportunity to take a quick trip to the Kruger.

As always, the Kruger is real treat. We enjoyed some great game viewing and bird watching Check out our photos!

Great Southern African Safari Destinations:

Richtersveld National Park On Safari in the
Richtersveld National Park

In June, we went on a long overdue Richtersveld Safari. This was one of the greatest trips we did in recent years and thoroughly enjoyed it.

The good rains in this region transformed the desert into a floral paradise.

For us, this was a pleasant surprise and an added bonus to see this normal bleak and harsh landscape so colourful.

We visited the following arid parks on our way to the Richtersveld:

You can read the full account of our Richtersveld Safari here

Our Southern African Safari Camping Guide:

Augrabies Falls National Park Augrabies Falls

These reviews of camping sites are all about sites where we enjoyed camping. 

Some of them rate as luxury camps with all the amenities and facilities you can dream of.

Others are only an open space on a bank of a river with no amenities at all.

The one thing they all have in common is that special ambiance that made our stay memorable to us, no matter how rustic the experience.

Our latest African Safari Campsite Review features the Augrabies Falls National Park Rest Camp.

Augrabies Falls is a must visit destination for any tourist in South Africa, so why not camp? If camping is not your scene there are luxury chalets. But, since we are camping, I hope you will find this review helpful, just the place to park your camper! (RV)

The Augrabies Falls campsite is a typical South African National Parks Campsite with level, shady stands, clean and well maintained ablutions and as allways, a great safari destination.

Southern African Safari Accommodation:

Pomene Lodge,Mozambique,African Safari Lodge Pomene Lodge...

Enjoy carefree online browsing of thousands of establishments throughout Southern Africa. 

This reputable online booking service is offered through our partners, 

Safarinow is the biggest online African Safari Accommodation booking service.

  1. South Africa Accommodation
  2. Namibia Accommodation
  3. Mozambique Accommodation
  4. Botswana Accommodation
  5. Zimbabwe Accommodation
  6. Zambia Accommodation

Safari Information:

African Safari Info Setting our GPS Units...

All the latest news, tips and information to make your Southern African Safari a truly magical experience...

We provide you with contact details, maps, GPS references and directions to reach these camping sites so that you too can share in the enjoyment of camping here.

A safari in Southern Africa takes a fair bit of planning so we will try to make the planning a bit easier for you.

So, why not come on an African Safari for your much-awaited getaway?

There are a lot of questions to be asked and a lot of answers to be given such as:

  1. What destination in Southern Africa would you like to visit?
  2. Where do I get Maps of my destinations in Southern Africa?
  3. Where are you going to stay while on safari in Southern Africa?
  4. What can I see, do experience on my way there and once I am there?
  5. Where can I see pictures of my destinations in Southern Africa
  6. What animals and other wildlife can I see while on safari?
  7. How do I get to my destination in Southern Africa?
  8. What route am I going to follow to get to my destination?
  9. What mode of transport am I going to use at my destination or to get there?
  10. What self drive sightseeing opportunities are there?
  11. Best planning of my available time to see as much as possible?
  12. What is on the menu or are can we eat out?
  13. What do we pack for a safari in Southern Africa?
  14. Where can I get reviews or other people's opinions on my destinations?
  15. What are the custom and border control requirements of the countries in Southern Africa?
  16. What books are available to read up on Southern Africa or my specific destinations
  17. Where can I buy African Safari Stuff?

We will try to answer the above questions to your satisfaction. Enjoy your visit my friend and maybe someday we will have the honour to meet each other around a real campfire, on a real African safari, somewhere in magical Southern Africa…

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