Welcome to Magical Southern African Safaris!

Your guide to Camera Friendly African Safari destinations and scenic drives in sunny South Africa and beyond.

This site is all about great places to go where you can take nature photos to your heart's content. If you are anything like me you have the camera and done some courses but where do you go to practise your art?

I mean, your backyard is only so big and by the time you know every sparrow and turtle dove in the neighbourhood you know it is time to spread your own wings and expand your horizons.

Which brings up the following questions:

  1. Where can I go to take wildlife, birdlife and other nature pictures?
  2. How can I get there by the most scenic way?
  3. What can I expect to photograph when I get there?
  4. What else is there to do?
  5. Where can I stay?

So, the short of it is, this site covers the places that I escape to when city living gets too much...

The Hell Gamkaskloof

Western Cape


Eastern Cape


Kwazulu Natal

Elephant in Kruger National Park


Boabab Tree Mapungubwe


Golden Gate National Park

Free State

Rhinos Pilanesberg

North West

Black Wildebeest Ezemvelo Nature Reserve


Northern Cape

African Safari Picture Galleries:

These are all photos that I have taken on various holidays and breakaways over  the years. Click here to access the galleries.

Several galleries cover safaris to off the beaten track destinations such as:

  • Mozambique through the Kruger and Limpopo Cross Border park
  • The Richtersveld National park
  • Gamkaskloof also known as "The Hell"
  • A trip through the Baviaanskloof
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