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The African Elephant pictures in the gallery below shows elephants in their normal daily routine in the wild from eating to drinking, resting, swimming and mating!

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Elephants are naturally gregarious animals that form family groups and sometimes huge herds of a hundred or more.

It is great to be able to view them in their natural habitat and an even greater privilege to photograph in their natural state.

The pictures of elephants that you will see below were all taken in the Kruger National park and in the Pilanesberg National park, both great safari destinations.

Funny thing with elephants, as big as they are you can sometimes drive right past within metres of them without seeing them!

When you do come across them treat them with respect. Elephants can be dangerous  and there are cases where cars were overturned and trampled.  So, keep your distance!

Waterholes are always a good place to view wildlife. Some parks have hides where you can view the animals without disturbing them. Sometimes you have to be patient and if you are lucky you get rewarded.

One day in the Pilanesberg we were at the right place at the right time. We were spending time in the Makorwane dam hide when a big herd of elephants arrived.

We were treated by their antics in the water and were able to take many photos during the course of the morning.  A selection of these photographs is in the African Elephant pictures gallery below...

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Elephant with big tusks Look at the size of those tusks! They can grow up to 3 meters long. Photographed in the Kruger Park.
Elephant family having a mudbath Family with a baby elephant getting ready to take a mud bath.
Elephant family with baby in mudbath The baby is in the mud hole but struggles to keep on its feet!
Elephant youngster having fun in mud This youngster thinks it's great fun playing in the mud.

Typical, kids always want to get dirty!
Elephant grazing among trees Quietly moving through the bush...
Elephant tucking morsel in mouth ...stripping off leafy branches to graze on...
Elephant grazing in Kruger National Park ...and moving on to the next tree.

Elephants will cover great distances foraging in the bush for food which typically consists of leaves, bark and even branches of trees.
Elephant sneaking water Caught in the act using his trunk to reach over the top of this reservoir in the Kruger to drink water.

Elephants at Makorwane, Pilanesberg National Park A herd approaching Makorwane dam in the Pilanesberg National Park.

We were sitting in the bird hide when we saw this herd coming along.
Elephants approaching water to drink They were obviously thirsty as it was late morning and went straight to the water...

Elephants drinking water ...and started drinking. We were in for a treat.
Elephants drinking at Makorwane, Pilansberg More elephants arriving...
Elephants spreading out to drink ...and spreading out along the bank to get to the water.
More elephants wading into the shallows to drink They walked into the shallows while drinking...
Elephant herd going for a swim ...and before long they all entered the water.  

The young ones followed suit.
Elephants bathing in Makorwane dam, Pilanesberg National Park Fun Time!

Swimming and splashing in the water. They were really having a ball of a time.
Elephants enjoying the cool water After slacking their thirst and having a good swim and bath they moved back onto the bank...
Elephants wading into deeper water ...making room for the next group to swim.
Elephants relaxing in makorwane dam, Pilanesberg Some of them simply lay down in the water and relaxed.

They were clearly enjoying the water so much...
Elephants mating, Pilanesberg National Park ...that it lead to other activities.

The water helps to support their weight while mating.
Elephant close up A close up photo taken from the same hide at Makorwane.
Elephant family A baby!

There were several young ones in this group under the protective guidance of their mothers.
Young elephants with mother More youngsters of different ages having a drink.
Elephant with wounded ear Another close up photograph.

I suspect this guy was involved in a skirmish with another elephant at some time or the other.

You can see the old wound at the top of its ear.
Elephants resting in shade Resting in the shade from the midday heat.
Elephant walking along road Elephants like amble along the roads as it is open and easy going for them.

Always remember to give them the right of way and to keep your distance.

They can be aggressive and there are cases where they have overturned cars that came to close.

I hope you have enjoyed our Southern African Elephant Pictures. Please leave us a comment if you did.

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