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This is what you can expect to find out about the Southern African Safari Campsites featured below and on the following pages.

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I only feature sites where I have personally camped so you can be assured of my first hand experiences of these resorts and camping grounds.

Not all camping grounds and resorts are in the same league as far as luxury and standards are concerned. Some are really luxury 5 star resorts. At the other end of the scale you get very basic and rustic wilderness campsites.

You need to take this in consideration especially when visiting off the beaten
track wilderness destinations
where you sometimes even have to provide the most basic amenities yourself.

The sites featured here are all places that stand out in my mind. They all have something very special to offer, be it in the location, the attractions or even just the place itself.

Pomene, Mozambique,African safari campsites

Some Camping spots you want to return to year after year. With others, you are content to say that you have camped there but there is nothing so special about it to entice you to return.

I would love to return to each and every place featured below because for me, they have that special something that makes your stay memorable such as this beautiful campsite on the beach at Pomene, Mozambique in the picture below.

My Favorite Southern African Safari Campsites

Marakele, African safari campsites Marakele National Park - Waterberg region, Limpopo province, South Africa: Marakele is situated in the Waterberg biosphere in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Marakele is one of my favorite South African Safari destinations as it is fairly close to Gauteng where I live.

Few people visit it so you are likely to have the campsite to yourself. No fences separates you from the wildlife. Very few camping sites in South Africa allows you to get this close to the wildlife.

Morrungulo, Mozambique Morrungulo, Mozambique: In my personal opinion, Morrungulo is one of the top campsites in Mozambique. It is the perfect seaside family resort. Come and enjoy what an African beach vacation is all about...

Aguia Pesqueira Massingir Dam, Aguia Pesqueira, Mozambique: Translated, the name of this African Safari Campsite means,  Place of the Fish Eagles. This beautiful but rustic campsite is a perfect stopover if you are overlanding from Phalaborwa in South Africa through the Kruger National Park to Xai Xai on the Mozambique coast.

Situated in the Limpopo Trans Frontier Park, Aguia Pescueira overlooks the Massingir Dam. It is most certainly worth it to spend a day or two and enjoy the peaceful surroundings of this wilderness campsite.

Bakgatla,Pilanesberg,African Safari Campsites Bakgatla, Pilanesberg National Park, North West Province, South Africa: Bakgatla  is one of two campsites in the Pilanesberg National Park. It is a great base to explore the park which is located in an extinct volcano.

You can pick between caravan or tent camping sites. The camp has a lot of shady trees and most of the stands has grass cover.

The area is Malaria free and much cooler than the Lowveld where the Kruger National Park is situated. You can also view the Big Five here.  Bakgatla  is ideal for a Bushveld Safari breakaway which is not far from the Gauteng cities of Johanneburg and Pretoria.

Buffelspoort, African Safari Campsites ATKV Buffelspoort, North West Province, South Africa: If you are looking for a friendly Southern African Safari Campsite for the family to enjoy, this is it.

Situated in the Magaliesberg Mountains this destination has a temperate climate. 

The resort provides lots of facilities including heated pools (Indoors as well as outdoors). The caravan / camping park has lots of space. The stands are well marked and has electricity, water, grass and lots of shade.  Buffelspoort is a great place to unwind..

Duiwekloof,Baviaanskloof,African Safari Campsites Duiwekloof, Baviaanskloof, South Africa: Camping in the Baviaanskloof is a great way to experience the solitude and wildness of the area.

This wilderness camp is no exception. You can hear the silence, experience the absolute peace of the setting. You want to chill, my friend? This is it...

Duiwekloof  is a small campsite which offers basic amenities. It is however the neatest, cleanest wilderness campsite that I have ever seen.

Bo-Kloof,Baviaanskloof,African Safari Campsites Bo-Kloof, Baviaanskloof, South Africa: As far as Baviaanskloof accommodation goes, Bo-Kloof offers top camping facilities. Situated on a working farm, the camping sites are set among shady trees on a lovely green lawn. The ablutions are clean with plenty of hot water available. If you have a long enough lead, you can also connect to electricity. Big fireplaces round off the camping facilities.

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Recommended Southern African Camping Safari Destinations: Here you can find a whole list of African Safari Campsites and resorts where I have camped and enjoyed the experience. A whole lot of them will find their way into my favorite list above as soon as I have time to build the Page!

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