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Southern African Safari Destinations offers you a smorgasbord of diverse choices. Here, you can pick and choose between mountains, savannas, deserts, bushveld, jungles and endless beaches. What is your pleasure, my friend? Maybe you would like to enjoy it all. Not impossible you know! In Southern Africa it is possible to fly in to most destinations which does save a lot of traveling time.

Excellent Safari Lodges offer world class accommodation and services.

We have many excellent African Safari Operators that can take you to any combination of destinations in Southern Africa. On the other side, the infrastructure is such that with a bit of planning you can enjoy self drive safaris throughout the region.

On this note, if you prefer to rough it a little, camping is big in Southern Africa. Camping facilities range from luxurious tented camps to very basic campsites. So, it really means you can tailor make a safari to Southern Africa to suit your style and your preferences.

Southern African Safari Destinations

The game viewing throughout the region is excellent due to the diverse habitats. Truly a world in one region. it is not all of same either. Every country in Southern Africa has something different to offer.


This is one of the best Southern African Safari Destinations to view African Wildlife including the Big Five up close and personal. What is nice as well is that you can fly in to most lodges and camps from South Africa. Botswana has huge wilderness areas and the government has a very active conservation program. The best season for game viewing is during the winter months through to spring. This would be May through to October. It is also a lot cooler during this time. The top African Safari Destinations to visit in Botswana are:
  • The Okavango Delta
  • Moremi Game Reserve
  • Chobe National Park
  • Central Kalahari Desert Game Reserve
  • Khutse Game Reserve
    Khutse is situated just to the south of the huge Central Kalahari Game Reserve. This way of the beaten track African Safari Destination has its own appeal. The wide open spaces, the beautiful sunsets, the incredible wildlife and the fact that you will be camping in the middle of nowhere all contribute to the call of Khutse, the gateway to the wilderness of the central Kalahari.
    Take a look at these photos taken in the Khutse Game Reserve...
  • Makgadikgadi Pans National Park
  • Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park


This little mountain kingdom has a lot to offer. If you are into hiking, mountain climbing, horseback safaris or just wanting to lose yourself in some of the most beautiful mountain scenery around in Southern Africa, this is the place. With the Drakensberg mountain range in the east and the Maluti mountains, there is more than enough to gladden the heart of any mountain person. One of the great thrills if you are doing a self drive safari is to enter Lesotho via Sani Pass. You do need a 4 X 4. Spare some time to have a beer at the highest pub in Southern Africa at the top of the pass.


Renowned for its pristine coastline and endless white beaches stretching from South Africa in the south to Tanzania in the north. There are also a number of tropical island destinations off the coast such as the Portuguese Islands, Inhaca and the Bazaruto archipelago. The fishing is excellent, the people are friendly, the perfect beach holiday safari off the beaten track where you wont be swamped by tourists. It is not just the coastline. Mozambique is rich in culture with a lot of Arabic influence. It is the southern most point in Africa with an active dhow fleet. There are also a number of game reserves of which some are in the remotest spots in Southern Africa. Mozambique proudly offers some of the best Southern African Safari Destinations in the region:
  • Reserva do Niassa
  • Parque Nacional das Quirimbas
  • Reserva do Gile
  • Reserva Especial de Marromeu
  • Parque Nacional da Gorongosa
  • Parque Nacional do Bazaruto
  • Parque Nacional do Zinave
  • Parque Nacional do Banhine
  • Parque Nacional do Limpopo
    This huge tract of bushveld alongside the Kruger National park is another one of the inspiring examples of transfrontier parks that we have here in Southern Africa. These magnificent parks boldly break down borders in the quest to provide migratory channels for the wildlife which have been cut off due to arbitrary placement of political borders in the troubled historic past of Southern Africa.
    Aguia Pesquiera is an excellent base to explore this wild corner of Southern Africa...
  • Reserva Especial de Maputo


Desert country, striking scenery, diamond country, 4X4 country, hunting country. fishing country. Some of the main attractions if you are going on a Safari in Namibia are:
  • Etosha National Park
  • Kaudom Game Reserve
  • Ais Ais Richtersveld Trans Frontier park
  • Fish River Canyon
  • Namib Naukluft Park
  • Sossusvlei
  • Skeleton Coast
  • Kaokoland
  • Caprivi Game Reserve

South Africa:

The infrastructure in South Africa lends itself to self drive safaris. The roads are good, fuel is available everywhere and every town and hamlet has shops that supply everything that you will need. The scenery ranges from mountains to savannas to deserts to forests to endless beaches. South Africa has reason to boast that it it is the world in one country. This is truly one of the great Southern African Safari Destinations. Each of the regions listed below has its own character and attractions:
  • Garden Route
  • Gauteng
  • Karoo
  • Kwazulu Natal
  • Mpumalanga
  • North West
  • Northen Cape
  • Western Cape
  • Cape Town Enchanting City
    Discover the Captivating beauty of this Enchanting city at the foot of Table Mountain, fascinating sites and charming accommodation.
  • Limpopo province
  • Eastern Cape
South Africa is also blessed to have a number of National Parks and Game reserves which are all great African Safari Destinations in their own right. Here is a list of some of the better known reserves and parks:

  • Kruger National Park
    Time has stood still in this vast tract of land which makes up the Kruger National Park of South Africa. Once you have passed through the entrance gates it feels as if you have entered another world. This is the real Africa, the Africa the early pioneers such as David Livingstone found on his travels through this magic Southern Africa. The Kruger is the crown of the South African Parks, Truly an AFrican Safari Destinations that ranks with the best Africa can offer.
    Find out more about the Kruger National Park...
  • Klaserie Nature Reserve
  • Timbavati Game Reserve
  • Sabie Sand Game Reserve
  • Marakele National Park
    Marakele National Park is situated in the Waterberg Mountains in the Limpopo province of South Africa. Marakele is one of my favourite South African Safari destinations as you get to camp right in the middle of the park with no fences separating you from the wildlife. It is a rustic campsite with basic but clean ablutions. It is quiet and off the radar of the masses of tourists. In one word, great!
    Check out the campsite at Bontle, Marakele National Park...
  • Mapungubwe National Park (World Heritage Site)
  • Ndumu Game Reserve
  • Tembe Elephant Park
  • Mkhuzi Game Reserve
  • Hluhluwe Umfolozi Park
  • St Lucia Wetland Park (World Heritage Site)
  • Itala Nature Reserve
  • uKhahlamba Drakensberg Mountains National Park (World Heritage Site)
  • Madikwe Game Reserve
  • Pilanesberg Game Reserve
    The Pilanesberg National Park which lies in the crater of a 1500 million year old extinct volcano has an unique blend of wildlife and plants. This is because the Pilanesberg is in what is called a transition zone between the Lowveld with its much higher rainfall and the drier semi desert Kalahari region. This interesting mix of habitats makes it a very popular birding and game viewing destination.
    Find out more about the Pilanesberg National Park...
  • Kgalagadi Trans Frontier Park
  • Addo Elephant Park
  • Tsitsikamma National Park
  • Tankwa Karoo National Park
  • Karoo National Park
  • Mokala National Park
  • The Mokala National Park is certainly a diamond in the rough, not only because it is close to Kimberley, one of the biggest diamond mines in the world. This National Park is set in the heart of the Karoo and offers a safari experience that is different to the main stream National Parks. Not least  is the fact that you seldom meet another vehicle in the park. Just the way I like it!
    Take a look at our Mokala Picture Gallery...
  • Augrabies Falls National Park
  • The stunning views and immense thunder of the Orange River as crashes into the gorge below the falls are only part of the picture of this national park. Most visitors to the Augrabies National Park only visit the falls before moving on again. It is certainly worth it to spend a bit more time to take a drive through the rest of the park. It is a lot bigger than you expect, more than 55000 hectares big. Stay a couple of days and explore this corner of the Northern Cape with its unique desert flora and succulents.
    Here are our Augrabies Falls Pictures...
  • Richtersveld National Park
    The Richtersveld is a wilderness destination for which you have to be well prepared. It is a mountain desert with temperatures soaring in the summer months. The terrain is not suitable for ordinary vehicles. Certain sections can only be reached with 4 wheel drive vehicles. Most sections van be covered with a SUV with high ground clearance but then I would still recommend that you have a 4X4in attendance. If you are towing you definitely need a 4X4. My recommendation is to visit the Richtersveld during the winter or spring. It is one of the most wild and lonely Southern African Safari Destinations with some of the most beautiful desert landscapes imaginable. During late winter and early spring the Richtersveld is transformed when the flowers start blooming.
    Our Richtersveld Safari in the Winter of 2011
  • West Coast National Park
  • Golden Gate National Park
    This mountainous corner of South Africa is great to visit during any time of the year. With every season the landscape presents a different picture, each one trying to be prettier than the previous one! From the stunning green of summer through the amber, brown and yellows of autumn and winter back to the fresh light greens of spring and even snow in between, this is and always will be a wonderful place to visit.
    Have a look at these beautiful pictures of the Golden Gate National Park...
  • Royal Natal National Park
  • Camdeboo National Park
    The Camdeboo National Park is off the radar of most tourists who drives by to visit Graaff Reinett before continuing on their journey through the Karoo. Because of this, visitors to the aptly named Valley of Desolation will mostly have the place to themselves. What a loss to the guys that just drove past. Camdeboo means "Green Place" in the Khoi San's language and it certainly is different to the normal Karoo landscape. The views across the valleys from the lookout points are unique in the whole of the Karoo. If you want take photos of some of the most stunning views in the whole of the Karoo, you simply must visit the Camdeboo National Park.
    Find out more about the Camdeboo National Park...


This little landlocked kingdom of the Swazi people has three game reserves which are all excellent African Safari Destinations. It is also very close to the Kruger National Park as well as Mozambique so it is easy to include Swaziland in a safari to one or both of these destinations:
  • Hlane Royal National Park
  • Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Mkhaya Game Reserve


Looking for a country that is more off the beaten track? In Zambia you have the space to breath and enjoy the magnificent scenery away from the crowds. There are a number of excellent reserves where you will really get that safari in the wilderness of Africa feeling. This is the real thing! Enjoy these great African Safari Destinations!
  • Kafue National Park
  • Lower Zambezi National Park
  • North Luangwa National Park
  • South Luangwa National Park
  • Victoria Falls


The National Parks of Zimbabwe are certainly some of the national treasures of this country that has had more than its fair share of political strife. Recent reports from visitors to this beautiful Southern African Safari Destination indicates that it is still more than worthwhile to visit these parks. They may be neglected but the staff are more than willing to go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Hwange National Park
  • Chizarira National Park
  • Matusadona National Park
  • Lake Kariba
  • Mana Pools National Park
  • Gonarezhou National Park
  • Victoria Falls National Park
  • Nyanga National Park
  • Great Zimbabwe Ruins

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