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...Your Magical Southern African Safari Photos with us. The fun filled galleries below are full of pictures taken on safaris in sun drenched Southern Africa by fellow safari enthusiasts. These images of adventures, magic moments and beautiful places are just the thing to make your heart beat faster.

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Are you are a self drive enthusiast with a love for travelling the back roads and tracks that few people use? Then I am sure you will enjoy the Southern African Safari photos of off the beaten track destinations and routes.

Are you a wildlife photographer? Get ready to view some great animal and birdlife pictures.

What about hiking? Sometimes it is simply better to slow down and do it on foot. You get to see places no one else has access to. And we love to see those pictures!

Every Picture tells a story...

A picture archive is a great tool to have access to when planning a safari. It is always fantastic to be able to view pictures of destinations while planning your safari.

elephant Elephant taking a dust bath

Southern Africa has some very remote and wild places that very few people have ever had the opportunity to visit let alone publish photographs of on the web.

Quite frankly, I think there are a lot of places in Southern Africa that people do not even know exist!

And this is where you come into the picture! There are so many wild and exotic places that it is simply not possible for one person to build a decent archive of Southern African Safari Photos.

But if we all add a few it will become a great tool for us all to use.

What better way to gain information than to view pictures of your destination and to be able to read about it as well?

Magical Southern African Safaris - Picture it, Experience it and Love it!

I will show you mine...

Doing research on off the beaten track destinations such as the Baviaanskloof, Kgaligadi or the Cross Border Limpopo Park in Mozambique is so much nicer if you have photos that show you the way.

Katse Dam,Lesotho Sunset over Katse Dam, Lesotho

Finding good pictures of off the beaten track destinations can sometimes become a bit of a mission.

This started me on my quest to keep adding pics to my African Safari Pictures Galleries for other travellers to use.

I trust that you will enjoy my Southern African Safari Photos as much as I enjoyed taking them! Be sure to return here so as not to miss out on all the other exciting pictures added by our vistors.

If you show me yours...

Southern Africa has such beautiful landscapes that simply beg to bring out the photographer in everyone.Come and brag a little with what you have seen. Show us where you've been.

Pringle Bay,Western Cape Pringle Bay, Western Cape, South Africa

Share some laughs. What are your funniest moments that you have saved on film?

This is the place to make us all a little jealous with your Magical Southern African safari experiences.

I am sure you have photos that will make us want to grab our cameras, jump into the Land Rover and rush off into the sunset to take pictures of...

  • The stunning Beaches in Mozambique
  • The Diverse Landscapes and Game Parks of South Africa
  • The Incredible Wildlife of Botswana
  • The Lonely Deserts of Namibia
  • The Kingdom of the Swazi People
  • The Forgotten Parks of Zimbabwe
  • The Mountain Splendour of Lesotho
  • The Wilderness of Zambia

So, tell us All About it! We can't wait to see where you have been and hear what you have been up to. Stun us with your best African Safari Photos. It is so easy to do…

You can even be a Winner in our Photo Contest!

When you submit your photos, they will automatically be entered in our picture of the month competition. The winner will decided by you, our visitors. All you have to do is to rate the photos that are submitted. The winning picture will be featured on our home page for the duration of the following month.

Link back to it, brag a bit because you have just created your presence around the campfire where we all share our opinions, viewpoints and of course, the pictures to prove the point!

Join in and let's have some fun! At the end of the year we will have another competition to have a winning pic of the year...

What Other Visitors Have Said about these Magical African Safari Photos

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A female hippo protecting her baby while frightened by the close flight of a Goliath Heron. 
May 2012, in Zimbabwe, we took a boat trip from Ruckomechi Camp Lodge on Lower Zambezi, we saw a huge Goliath Heron on an island preparing for take-off, …

Augrabies Falls, Northern Cape, South Africa 
The mighty Orange River in flood pouring over the Augrabies Falls like it is just not there! The huge amount of water is filling and overflowing the ravine …

Gariep Dam Not rated yet
With all the rain and rivers in flood the huge amount of water flowing over the Gariep Dam wall is an awesome view.

Golden Gate National Park - South Africa Not rated yet
The Golden Gate National Park has such stunning views. It is located in the scenic mountains of the Eastern Free State in South Africa. I love the photo …

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