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African Safari Pictures are the only way to try and showcase a Magical Southern African Safari. Photos tells it all. No ways that mere words will explain it all....ah....well.....maybe not with my vocabulary! So, I will let my African Safari Pics weave their own magic.

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These Photo Galleries will probably be updated more often than the rest of the site. Why? Simply because I like to go on a Safari more than I like to write about it!

These galleries of African Safari Pictures get updated whenever I get the chance to break away to wherever this magical, wild, beautiful Southern African sub continent entices me to go.

Well,...depending on my budget of course!....but I can dream, can't I?...Oh yes, Africa is what dreams are made of...

Ladies and Gentlemen, please sit back, relax and enjoy these African Safari Pictures Galleries...

You are about to embark on a tour of Magical Southern Africa, a land of a million landscapes.

Barra,Inhambane,Mozambique I took this picture at Barra,
Inhambane Province, Mozambique....

Whether it is seascapes, mountains, deserts or bushveld, you will find it in this beautiful land of ours.

Wildlife, birdlife or flowers? Just come and take a look.

You know, since we are on safari in Southern Africa, a good glass of South African wine will certainly not be wasted while viewing my Galleries of Southern African Safari Pictures.

So..! open a bottle, pour a glass, sit back and let the magic flow!

Enjoy! Visit often!

Our Southern African Safari Pictures:



Pictures of Botswana

Khutse Game Reserve - Central Botswana:

The central Kalahari or Kgalagadi is probably not as well known as some of the more popular destinations such as the Okavango Delta or the Chobe Game Reserve.

Khutse,Botswana Sunset over Khutse Game Reserve

This is however, a real wilderness destination and you need to plan accordingly. 

You can only reach this destination in 4X4 vehicles. 

If you camp here you need to bring everything you need with you and take it all back out again.

Always go in more than one vehicle. 

This way you will have back up in case you get stuck or have a breakdown.

The beauty of the Kalahari and the magnificence of its wildlife make it well worth the effort to safari here.

Click here to view the Botswana Photos Gallery

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Magical Mozambique...Follow our Tracks through the Kruger National Park to Vilanculos and back!

From The Kruger National Park to Massingir Dam:

The route from Phalaborwa through the Kruger National Park to Xai Xai on the Mozambique coast is highly recommended if you enjoy travelling on the wild side.

Aguia Pesqueira Aguia Pesqueira Campsite at Massingir Dam

The Border Post at Giriyondo is quiet and it is a pleasure to cross over into Mozambique.

The route through the Limpopo Cross Border Park offers some spectacular Bushveld scenery but unfortunately very little in the form of wildlife.

The setting of the campsite at Aguia Pesqueira is stunning. The facilities are rustic but clean.

Please take note that you should use a vehicle with high ground clearance on this route as it mostly a rough gravel road. As you approach the coast beyond Massingir the road does get better. However, as anywhere in Mozambique, take your time and enjoy the beautiful surroundings!

Massingir Mozambique Picture Gallery

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Barra, Inhambane, Mozambique:

From the very first time I visited Inhambane and specifically Barra, I fell in love with the place.

Barra Horse riding on the beach...
Barra Inhambane

If you want to visit Mozambique to enjoy the sun, sea and seafood, Inhambane is the place to go. 

The people are friendly and laid back.  The sea is warm and the fishing is great.

One of the things I enjoy most is the long wide open beaches, just yourself and the sea. 

You really get to clear the cobwebs from your mind on these long strolls along the beach.

The diving along this coast is good and a lot of the resorts offer scuba diving.

Barra Inhambane Mozambique Picture Gallery

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Take a Dhow Trip to Maxixe:

While staying in Inhambane you simply must take a dhow trip to Maxixe.

Dhow,Inhambane Dhow Ferry to Maxixe, Inhambane Bay

The town of Maxixe is accross the bay from Inhambane and the quickest and easiest way to get there is with a Dhow. 

These boats ferry the local people and market produce accross the bay all day long.

For a nominal fee you can hitch a ride to Maxixe and back. 

The local market in Maxixe is well worth visting.

Dhow Trip to Maxixe Picture Gallery

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Tofo, another popular destination on the Inhambane Coast:

The picturesque little bays and beaches along the coast of Tofo are the setting of the holiday homes and accommodation for the holiday makers.

Tofo Tofo Beach, Inhambane, Mozambique

Fishing and Diving are among the main attractions but then again, you can simply sit back and relax. 

If you want experience Africa time at its best, come and unwind on the Mozambique coast.

Things do not happen fast here, and why should it when you are on holiday? 

This is where you come to slow down so why should you do anything today unless it is absolutely essential to do so?

If you can drag yourself away from your deck chair you can stock up at the local market and small shops in town.

Tofo Mozambique Picture Gallery

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Vilanculos, the gateway to the Bazaruto Archiplago:

Vilanculos is quite a large town and has an airport which makes it convenient for tourists to fly in and then cross over to the luxury Safari Lodges on the Bazaruto Archipelago.

Vilanculos Dhow Charter to Benguerra Island

However, if you are driving to Vilanculos check on the road conditions past the town of Massinga. 

The road is in a terrible state and you will have to drive very carefully along this stage.

If you are staying on the mainland and would like to visit the islands you can charter a dhow for a day trip. 

This is really an unique experience and is highly reccomended.

Enjoy the photos!

Vilanculos Mozambique Picture Gallery

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Situated in a protected bay, with shaded, grass covered camping sites this is a welcome change to other campsites along this coast that are usually sand only.

Morrungulo The Road to Morrungulo...

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean makes it very pleasant for swimming, fishing, snorkelling and scuba diving, even in winter.

This resort is probably one of the best holiday spots on the Inhambane coast. 

There are also chalets and other accommodation if you do not enjoy camping.

Just bear in mind that the road to Morrungulo is gravel and can pose a challenge when wet.

Here is our Morrungulo Photo  Gallery

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Pomene, for the adventurers among us:

This destination is strictly 4 wheel drive territory. It is wild and lonely spot on the coast of Mozambique, perfect for those who really want to get away from it all.

Pomene LodgePomene Lodge, Mozambique

To get there you have to drive for many kilometres along sandy tracks that are in poor condition.

Visitors to Pomene come here mainly to fish.

The Pomene Lodge is situated on the beach and is like an oasis in the desert. 

It offers excellent accommodation and has a restaurant. The campsites at the lodge are also right on the beach.

The setting is absolutely amazing. Enjoy the pictures!

Here is our Pomene Photo Gallery

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The Laguna Camp at Bilene:

This camp is situated on the banks of an immense lagoon in Bilene separated from the sea by a series of huge sand dunes.

Bilene Bilene, Mozambique

From the moment you arrive here you can feel the peace and quiet which surrounds Laguna Camp steal over you and start working its special magic on you.

The tranquil surroundings quickly puts you under its spell and all you want to do is just forget that the rest of the world exists.

The landscape and reflections on the lagoon certainly lends itself to take some great photos.

Click here to visit our Bilene Photo Gallery

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Sunny South Africa - a World in one Country...

National Parks of South Africa:

Marakele National Park, South Africa:

This National Park is situated in the Waterberg Mountain Range.

Marakele National Park Marakele National Park, South Africa

One of the greatest features of this park is probably the incredible views from the top of the mountains. 

It is simply indescribable. It is also the home of a colony of Cape Vultures so bring your binoculars and don't forget your camera.

The road up the mountain to the view site is steep but has a good tar surface so it can be reached with any car. Most of the other tracks in Marakele is not that good and quite a few are strictly 4X4.

Personally I like it here as it is a bit off the beaten track and does not have a lot of amenities such as swimming pools and stores etc..

The Bontle Campsite is my favourite place to stay. It overlooks an open stretch of veld with a waterhole that is very popular with the wildlife.

Please visit our Marakele National Park Picture Gallery.

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Pilanesberg National Park:

All of the big game found in Southern Africa including the Big Five is present in Pilanesberg.

Pilanesberg National Park Pilanesberg National Park, South Africa

The game viewing is really good and there are excellent bird hides overlooking the dams and waterholes in the reserve. 

These all offer great opportunities to view and photograph the birds and other animals of the Pilanesberg.

The roads and other infrastructure is in good condition. The accommodation in the form of safari lodges and camping is really classy.

The Pilanesberg Game reserve is close enough to Johannesburg and Pretoria in Gauteng for a weekend getaway. 

The next door hotel resorts of Sun City, Lost City and the Valley of the Waves is also a very popular tourist destination.

Please visit our Pilanesberg Picture Gallery. Enjoy!

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Kruger National Park Photos:

Our Central Kruger National Park Picture gallery captures the spirit of this magical Southern African Safari destination.

Central Kruger National Park Kruger National Park, South Africa

The central region of the Kruger is a  top destination to view animals and tourists are  frequently rewarded with sightings of the big five.

The big five consists of Elephants, Buffalo, Rhinos, Leopards and Lions.

The game viewing here is fantastic with sightings of different animals as the habitat changes.

This makes it a great destination for photographers to take photos of the diverse wildlife found in the Central Kruger.

Central Kruger National Park Picture Gallery

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The Golden Gate Highlands National Park:

This reserve is situated in the foothills of the Maluti Mountains in the Eastern Free State of South Africa.

Golden Gate National ParkMushroom Rock, Golden Gate National Park
South Africa

This mountainous corner of South Africa is great to visit during any time of the year. With every season the landscape presents a different picture, each one trying to be prettier than the previous one!

From the stunning green of summer through the amber, brown and yellows of autumn and winter back to the fresh light greens of spring and even snow in between, this is and always will be a wonderful place to visit.

The surrounding areas are also great to visit and include places like the little town of Clarens which must be on your itinerary on any visit to this region.

This is an ideal place to come and enjoy hiking, horseback trails or just to sit back and relax in the tranquillity of the mountains.

Click here to visit our Golden Gate Highlands National Park Photo Gallery

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Mokala National Park:

The Mokala National Park is situated in the heart of the Karoo not far from Kimberley, which is better known for the diamonds that are mined here than being a safari destination.

Mokala National ParkMokala National Park, South Africa

Mokala has some really stunning semi desert landscapes with sunsets to die for.

Personally, I loved the wide open expanses, the incredible display of the stars and Milky Way at night as you can only find in the clear skies of the Karoo.

Bring your camera; the picture taking opportunities are endless, both during the day and night.

Mokala National Park:

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Augrabies National Park:

The Augrabies Falls is a must see, must visit destination for any tourist in South Africa. 

Augrabies Falls National ParkAugrabies Falls National Park, South Africa

The stunning falls and the views over the gorge is definitely the main attraction but a drive through the National Park is certainly worth it.

By car you can explore further afield and enjoy the wonderful views over the gorge from places such as Oranjekom and Echo Corner.

Augrabies Falls National Park:

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Richtersveld National Park:

These stunning photos of the Richtersveld were taken in June, in the heart of the South African winter.

Richtersveld Park National ParkRichtersveld National Park, South Africa

It was an unexpected bonus to find the desert covered in a magnificent display of flowers.

The flowers alone would have been worth the journey to this wild and beautiful mountain desert destination.

The Richtersveld in South Africa is a safari destination that is way off the beaten track and be aware that the desert can be harsh and unforgiving to the unprepared traveller.

A 4X4 is the most suitable choice of transport. Ordinary sedans are not allowed in the Richtersveld National Park.
My recommendation is that you book a tour through one of reputable safari companies should you want to visit the Richtersveld.

Richtersveld National Park:

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The Otter Hiking Trail, Tsitsikamma National Park: 

The Otter is undoubtedly the most popular hiking trail in South Africa.

Otter Trail Otter Trail, Tsitsikamma, South Africa

It is sometimes referred to as the flagship of all the South African trails. 

The trail winds along the coast of the Tsitsikamma National Park which is without doubt one of the most beautiful sections of coast in the whole of South Africa.

The trail is not exceptionally difficult but you continually climb up to the top of the cliffs along the coast only to descend again to make the next river crossing.

I found the humidity in summer to be the biggest challenge.

Due to its popularity it is fully booked well in advance. It is therefore a good idea to enquire more than a year in advance if you would like to do this hike.

Click here to visit our Otter Hiking Trail Photo Gallery

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Limpopo Province:

Dongola Ranch:

Dongola Ranch is situated on a 4,500 ha reserve in the Northern Limpopo province.

Dongola RanchDongola Ranch, South Africa

I loved every minute camping here. 

You have all the amenities you could possibly want, yet you are in the heart of the Southern African bushveld.

The setting is beautiful. Wildlife graze close by. 

The vast African landscape is impressive. 

This is one of those places you want to return to the moment you exit the gates!

Dongola Ranch Photo Gallery

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Western Cape Province:

Gamkaskloof, also known as "The Hell". Yes, it does get hot here!

This wilderness destination will truly delight the hearts of people enjoying wild and lonely places. 

Gamkaskloof Gamkaskloof

It is situated in a secluded valley in the heart of the Swartberg Mountains, Karoo, South Africa and can only be reached by road.

It is possible to make this a day trip as it is close to both Oudtshoorn and Prince Albert which can be used as a base.

Just make sure that you allow yourself ample time for the journey.

It takes 2 hours to complete the trip of 50 kilometer from the turn off at the top of the Swartberg Pass to the bottom and another two hours back.

Also allow time to traverse the Swartberg Pass.

Personally, I think you need to stay at least a night in the Gamkaskloof to really appreciate the stillness of this isolated valley.

Gamkaskloof "The Hell" Picture Gallery

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The Flowers of the Gamkaskloof:

As in the rest of the Karoo, the Gamkaskloof is blessed with a huge number of wild flowers.

Gamkaskloof Gamkaskloof Flowers

The dry landscape is transformed during the rainy season into a kaleidoscope of colour. 

The best time to view flowers throughout the Karoo and Western Cape is towards the end of winter and early spring.

The flowers are especially bountiful after a good rainy season. 

Do take time out to stop along the way just to view and enjoy the spectacle.

Gamkaskloof ("The Hell") Flowers Picture Gallery

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Eastern Cape Province:

The Baviaanskloof - a little bit of Heaven on Earth...

The Baviaanskloof from Patensie to Cambria:  This is the Eastern Entrance to the Baviaanskloof.

Baviaanskloof Eastern Gateway, Baviaanskloof

A lot of people prefer to enter from the Willowmore end as this allows you to gradually descend and immerse yourself in the Magic of the Baviaanskloof.

Since we intended to continue to Gamkaskloof to the west of the Baviaanskloof it made more sense to jump right into the deep end and get on with it!

My Recommendation? It really does not matter. 

The one plus point traveling from east to west is that you do not have to give way on the open side of the road hugging the cliff should you meet an oncoming car on Combrincks Pass.

Please visit our Baviaanskloof Picture Gallery. Enjoy!

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Baviaanskloof from Cambria to Rooihoek:

One of the biggest challenges of the Baviaanskloof is Combrinck's Pass.

Rooihoek,Baviaanskloof River Crossing

This pass is right slap bang in your face entering the kloof from the eastern end! It is no longer maintained so the road bed is washed out and ruined after more than a decade of neglect.

Although many claim that it is not a problem to traverse this pass with any vehicle with high ground clearance, I really recommend that you use a 4 wheel drive vehicle, if only to prevent further damage to the road.

The evidence of people battling to negotiate the pass with the resulting damage is plain to see.

Rooihoek as well as the rest of the Baviaanskloof Wilderness Area is an incredible place to explore. Here you can take pictures with a difference! The difference? You will probably find that no one else can show African Safari Pictures of the Baviaanskloof!

Please visit our Baviaanskloof, Rooihoek Picture Gallery.

Also take a look at the Wilderness Area Picture Gallery. Enjoy!

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Baviaanskloof from Rooihoek to Bo-Kloof: 

This is a truly scenic drive through the Baviaanskloof Wilderness area crossing a few minor passes and many drifts.

Bo-Kloof,Baviaanskloof Waterkloof Trail

If you aren't crossing the mountain you are crossing the river!

The riverbeds are firm and seldom deeper than about than about 500mm so it does not pose a problem to cross. That is, if there were no heavy rainfalls upstream!

So, keep a close watch on the weather channel in rainy season. You might end up staying longer in the Baviaanskloof than you bargained on...

Also, Do not forget to do the Waterkloof Trail while you are at Bo-Kloof! Just take a look at this gallery of African Safari Pictures. If you drive on by you will never know what you missed!

Please visit our Baviaanskloof Bo-Kloof Photo Gallery.

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Baviaanskloof from Bo-Kloof to Duiwekloof:

This section of the Kloof bordering on the wilderness section consists of working farms serious in their efforts to contribute to the conservation of the Baviaanskloof.

Duiwekloof,Baviaanskloof Duiwekloof

Beautiful country! Beautiful people!

Also. do not miss out on the opportunity to sleep over at Makkedaat Caves, a really unique African Safari Lodge where you sleep...Yes! in Caves!

This section of the Kloof is a lot wider and there are a lot more farms. It is still, however, beautiful, wild and way off the beaten track.

Enjoy these pictures of one the neatest, cleanest Wilderness Camp Sites that I have ever seen!

Please visit our Baviaanskloof Duiwekloof Photo Gallery.

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North West Province:

The Vredefort Dome :

One of the biggest Meteor Impact site on earth...

Vredefort Dome Vaal River
Vredefort Dome

This World Heritage Site has significant value to the researchers of high impact meteor sites but for us safari enthusiasts it is yet another destination along the back roads of South Africa that begs you to get in your car and take a drive through it!

The actual crater caused by the meteor impact is huge, something like 300 kilometres across!

It is situated in rural country side comprising mostly of fertile farmland. The Vaal River, one of the biggest rivers in South Africa meanders through the Vredefort dome.

There are many backroads connecting small villages and towns that one can explore to your heart's content.

Here is our African Safari Pictures taken along one of the backroads through the Vredefort Dome.

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Gauteng Province:

The Ezemvelo Nature Reserve: One of the best kept secrets of Gauteng...

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve The Ezemvelo Nature Reserve

This beautiful little nature reserve which is just outside of Bronkhorstspruit is a great destination for anyone wanting to get out of the cities of Gauteng for a day or even longer.

There is plenty of game around and you can go game viewing in your own car. 

Just be aware that some of the tracks do require a vehicle with high ground clearance and in the rainy season even 4X4.

Caravanners should also take note that from Bronkhorstspruit you travel on a gravel road to Ezemvelo that is quite badly corrugated in places.

However, once you are there the magic of this nature reserve will certainly bowl you over. Bring your hiking boots or come for a horseback trail. I certainly loved it here.

Here are our African Safari Pictures Gallery of the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve...

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Northern Cape Province:

Witsand Nature Reserve:

Witsand Nature Reserve, Kalahari, South Africa...what a great South African Safari destination!

Witsand Nature Reserve Witsand Nature Reserve, Kalahari

This is the southernmost point where the white Kalahari sand dunes are found.

The dunes are also called "Brulsand" or roaring sands because of the rumbling sound you hear when you walk on it.

Far away from everything, yet the facilities and accommodation is top class, perfect for the discerning traveller who wants to get away from it all but still enjoys the luxuries of home.

Witsand Nature Reserve:

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African Safari Wildlife Photo Galleries:

Marakele National Park:

The Wildlife of Marakele National Park: 

Rhinos, Lions and elephants are among the big game that is found here.

Marakele National Park Ostrich, Marakele

There are a number of tracks through the park that you can use to view the animals in their natural surroundings. 

However, some of the best game viewing can be done right from your doorstep if you are camping at Bontle.

Simply haul out a chair, grab your binoculars and while away the afternoon as the various animals come to drink at the waterhole.

As there are no fences at Bontle the animals will sometimes simply wander in and out of the campsite. 

What a great experience to be able to camp in these wonderful surroundings!

Marakele African Safari Wildlife Picture Gallery

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Kruger National Park:

Kruger National Park Animals:

For most tourists, ticking off the Big Five in their guide books is their first priority but the Kruger National Park offers so much more.

Zebras, KNP Zebras, Kruger National Park

Wildlife ranges from the smallest of insects to the very biggest of land mammals, the African Elephant and everything else in between.

If you are you a keen wildlife photographer the Kruger National Park offers you plenty of opportunities to practice your craft.

This Kruger National Park picture gallery provides a sample of the wildlife that can be seen in this great safari destination.

Bring your camera, binoculars and a couple of good guide books!

Kruger National Park Animals Picture Gallery

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Kruger National Park Birdlife:

This picture gallery is a sample of some the birds to see while on safari in this great game reserve.

Ground Hornbill, KNP Ground Hornbill, Kruger National Park

With more than 500 different birds that can be found in the Kruger National Park makes it a great destination for any avid birder.

The different habitats in this park attract a myriad of species ranging from the biggest of raptors to the tiniest Cisticola.

Ostriches, Ground Hornbills and Fish Eagles are but some of the bigger birds to see and photograph.

A  Bird Guide Book is essential if you are visiting the Kruger or any other game reserve in Africa.

Kruger National Park Birds Picture Gallery

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African Elephant Photos:

The African Elephant pictures our gallery shows elephants in their normal daily routine in the wild from eating to drinking, resting, swimming and mating!

Elephant, Pilanesberg Elephant, Pilanesberg National Park

Funny thing with elephants, as big as they are you can sometimes drive past within metres of them without seeing them!

When you do come across them treat them with respect.

Elephants can be dangerous and there are cases where cars were overturned and trampled so do be careful and give them enough room to move.

It is a great privilege to be able to view them in their natural habitat and an even greater privilege to photograph in their natural state.

African Elephant Pictures:

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