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Southern African Safari reviews are a collection of informative articles all about going on safari in the countries along the Southern tip of Africa. There are so many wonderful places to visit that we would love to tell you all about them, even the little known destinations that are overlooked by most people.

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For example, we only visited Borakalelo National Park quite recently for the first time ever and what a pleasant surprise.

We were camping nearby at Klein Paradys (Little Paradise) which is close to the town of Brits North West province of South Africa. Since Klein Paradys is in the vicinity of the Borakalelo National park. we decided to make use of the opportunity to take a day trip to Borakalelo.

This little gem is situated quite close to the Gauteng Metro's of Johannesburg and Pretoria. This actually makes it an excellent getaway destination to spend a day.

The park surrounds the Klipvoordam. There are shady picnic areas for day visitors with braai (barbeque) facilities. Beware of the Crocodiles and Hippos in the dam! As in all the South African National parks the ablution facilities are neat, functional and clean.

You can do game viewing in your own car along good gravel roads.

There is also a rustic campsite right next to the dam which is very popular with fishermen. We have already decided that the next time round we will try out this campsite and the fishing!

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There is not a game reserve that does not have camping facilities and to me, a safari is synonymous with camping. I love camping. I love travelling off the beaten track, arriving at a campsite, setting up camp and then to light a fire, sitting back and relaxing while cooking up something on the fire.

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