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Hi, and welcome to my greatest enjoyment and privilege in life...Magical Southern African Safaris!

Privilege? Yes, privilege. Firstly, I was born in Pietermaritzburg, Kwazulu Natal way back in 1958.

I am privileged to have grown up in that magnificent province of South Africa, Kingdom of the Zulu.

Here, the passion was born, the passion for Magical Southern African Safaris. Ever since I can remember I had an absolute passion to visit little known off the beaten track places in South Africa and our neigbouring countries. The wilder the destination the more I liked it.

You know, even if you only visit Kwazulu Natal, somewhat the size of the United Kingdom, you will have experienced some of the best that Southern Africa can offer imagine the rest!

Savannas, deserts... Even after 50 years I have still not seen it all, and believe me, it is not for the want of trying.

The simple fact is, you can spend a lifetime exploring Southern Africa and be happy!

african safari Me and my Landy on Safari...

There is always another horizon, another mountain, another road, another bend in the coastline, another hike, another trail, another reef...

You know what, why don't you just come and see for yourself and enjoy all the natural beauty Southern Africa can show you?

In our small corner of the world, this means a Magical Southern African Safari, exactly the same as what I have been privileged to enjoy for the last half century...

And if God is kind I will live here for another half century and get to travel the rest of the back roads that no one else wants to travel....except you, off course!

Secondly I am also very privileged to be able to build and expand this website with the help of SBI.

This website is in fact, fast becoming the means to finance my love affair with travelling along the back roads of Southern Africa...I am Privileged indeed!

If you are interested in finding out how SBI helped me build this website simply click here to read more...

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If you are you going on Safari somewhere in Southern Africa and have any safari related questions for us such as...

  • What do I need to pack?
  • What is the climate like?
  • Do lions really roam the streets of Johannesburg? Just kidding!

Complete the form below if you would like to ask us a question or just want to post a comment...any Southern Africa Safari related questions are always welcome. We will do our best to answer you as soon as possible. Sometimes it might take a little bit longer as we may also be on safari somewhere in Southern Africa!

Anyway, please feel free to contact us...

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