Baviaanskloof: Bo-Kloof Camping and Hiking Pictures

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Bo-Kloof Entrance

The entrance to the campsite at Bo-Kloof. The hosts, Quintis and Anina Bezuidenhout really went out of their way to make us feel at home.

Our campsite

The campsite is well looked after. We really enjoyed our stay here.

Hiking trail

Plenty of space to wander about...


This is one of two tortoises that we came across in the veld.

Skollie the guide dog

Meet Skollie! Skollie is the official guide for the Waterkloof trail. He meets you at the office, runs ahead and checks back often to make sure you are following.

Skollie leading the way

And off he goes again, taking the lead...I am not sure who enjoyed the company more. Us or Skollie!

Waterkloof trail

Skollie with my wife and sister in law at the entrance to the Waterkloof.

Rocky going in the Waterkloof

Although the hiking trail is not very long, the going is quite rough in places as it follows the river bed which is very rocky, so make sure you have a decent pair of hiking shoes.

Narrow passage

The kloof rapidly narrows and walls tower above you. Impressive stuff!

Baviaanskloof, Bo-kloof hiking

Around every turn is another magnificent setting! The walls are so high that you cannot fit it in your camera lens...

This is us  in the Waterkloof

My wife and me with some beautiful ferns as backdrop...

Arum Lilies

My wife and me with some beautiful ferns as backdrop...

A little bit of heaven...

In places the walls open up a bit and you find the most lovely plants and trees growing among the rocks.

Last Arum lilies of the season. I imagine that it must have been something else a couple of weeks earlier.

Dry riverbed

The riverbed simply cuts through the mountainside, narrowing to a crack in places...

Touching sides

In places it is so narrow that you can touch both walls...

Deep in  the canyon

The going is slow in places as you scramble over the rocks...I would not want to be caught here in a flash flood!

Looks more like caving!

This section is so deep and narrow it feels more like caving than walking down the canyon!

Skollie leading us home

This section is so deep and narrow it feels more like caving than walking down the canyon!

The campsite at Bo-Kloof in the Baviaanskloof  is situated on a working farm

You set up camp on lush green lawns with some trees providing shade.

The ablutions are clean with plenty of hot water available.  Bring a long extension cord in order to connect to the electricity points at the ablution block. 

Big fireplaces round off the camping facilities. You can read our review here.

For the adventurous spirits there is a 4X4 trail as well as two hiking trails. The Waterkloof hiking trail is absolutely magnificent and really worthwhile doing.

Looking for more pictures of the Baviaanskloof?

Below are some more galleries of photos that I have taken during our trip. 

What is there to do in the Baviaanskloof?

  • Hiking .
  • Mountain Biking.
  • 4X4 routes
  • Camping
  • Picnicking.

The Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism website is an excellent resource to find more information on the Baviaanskloof.

Where to stay?

There are a number of places where you can camp or find accommodation in  the kloof.

If you would like to search for accommodation in the area I can recommend  that you do so through Safarinow . They  have a huge  selection of South African Safari lodges on their books and their service is excellent.



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