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Khutse Game Reserve

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These Botswana photos were taken by my good friends Christo and Saar Nel currently living in Gabarone during a safari to Khutse in the Central Kalahari Desert.

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The central Kalahari or Kgalagadi are sometimes neglected and bypassed in favour of more popular destinations such as the Okavango Delta or the Chobe Game Reserve.

This is a real wilderness destination. If you are planning to visit this remote part of Botswana you must plan your trip properly. This is 4X4 country only.

Always go in more than one vehicle. This way you will have back up in case you get stuck or have a breakdown.

Satelite phones, GPS, and decent maps are very important items to take along. Have a look at these checklists for some guidelines but in the meantime, let's get back to the pictures!.

These photos of the Kgalagadi show a different side of this beautiful country...

The desert landscapes and pans provide a magnificent backdrop to photograph animals in their natural habitat. As water is scarse, waterholes are excellent places to watch and photograph wildlife.

The stunning sunrise and sunsets are guaranteed to make you trigger happy! I know I am a sucker for a beautiful sunset!

The wide open spaces and prolific wildlife certainly makes this a must visit Southern African Safari destination but do not forget your cameras and lenses!

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botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
The road to Khutse...110km's of gravel road after leaving the last tarred surface.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari Sign indicating the distances back to the nearest civilisation.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari Camping in Khutse. There are no fences seperating you from the wildlife. The shade from a tree is the only shelter available. You have to be completely self sufficient to camp here.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari The ablutions consists of a pit latrine and a shower. You have to provide your own water.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari Relaxing after a long day's drive game viewing...
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari Searching for wildlife. The countryside is so flat that the Land Cruiser becomes a handy grand site.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
Different grasses. The darker growth indicates a dry pan.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
Sunset in the wilderness....

botswana photos, khutse, kalahari certainly something to enjoy.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
The sand tracks in the game reserve can only be negotiated by a 4X4. 
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
On the road again, leaving Khanke.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari
Some Gemsbok in the distance...
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari...and Giraffes on the way to a water hole.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariA lion feeling frisky...
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari...and his mate.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariThe lion and lioness is in excellent condition.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariEven though you are in the wilderness, people always congregate at waterholes in the hope of spotting some game.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariThe water hole at Molose
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariGiraffes coming for a drink.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariMoreswe region...
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariThe ablutions at Moreswe also only consist of a pit latrine and a shower. The shower consists of a bucket  on a pulley. You have to supply your own water.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariCamping at Moreswe. As with other campsites in the Central Kalahari there are no luxuries aroung.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariSunset over Moreswe...
botswana photos, khutse, kalahari...time to get back to camp for a sundowner.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariAlthough Botswana is renowned for the big game that can be seen on safari, there some little guys around as well as this tame squirrel.
botswana photos, khutse, kalahariThanks again to Christo and Saar for these lovely Botswana Photos.

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