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An excellent African safari camping destination

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These Dongola Pictures will give you an idea what it is like to camp at this great holiday resort.

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Dongola Ranch is situated on a 4,500 ha reserve in the Northern Limpopo province.

I loved every minute camping here. You have all the amenities you could possibly want, yet you are in the heart of the Southern African bushveld.

The setting is beautiful. Wildlife graze close by. The vast African landscape is impressive. This is one of those places you want to return to the moment you exit the gates!

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Dongola The caravan park's layout is such that you never feel crowded by other campers.
Dongola Each campsite has it's own kitchen, bathroom and toilet facilities. Some of the luxury campsites even have a lapa under which you can park your caravan. This will certainly help in the summer heat!
Dongola Each campsite has it's own barbecue or rather a braai as we call it in South Africa. You won't get smoke in your eyes with this well built braai.
Dongola The kid's loved it here. Over and above the pools and other attractions they could play hide and seek or Tarzan to their hearts content in the rocks and trees bordering the campsites.
Dongola A short climb takes you to this viewpoint where you can see for miles....
Dongola Another picture overlooking the lodge...
Dongola The caravan park and campsites are situated among the koppies (hills) on the right hand side of the photo.
Dongola,Dassie We spotted this Dassie among the aloes bordering one of the pathways.
Dongola,Zebra,Impala We were here in the heart of winter during a long drought in the area. The management had to provide extra feed to the wildlife which they did quite close to the caravan park. This provided an excellent opportunity to get quite close and take some lovely African wildlife pictures such as this one of Zebra and Impala feeding together.
Dongola,Zebra,Wildebeest Zebra and Wildebeest...
Dongola,Impala,Wildebeest Another picture of Impala and Wildebeest...
Dongola,Rhino A couple of Rhino joining in the feast!
Dongola,Rhino Another picture of the two Rhinos...

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