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The Ezemvelo Nature Reserve is located just outside of Bronkhorstspruit which in turn is situated on the doorstep of Pretoria and Johannesburg. To have a nature reserve of this calibre so close to the financial and industrial heart of South Africa certainly comes as a bit of a surprise.

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One must not confuse this nature reserve with the Ezemvelo Kwazulu Natal Parks which is the governing body of all the Nature and Game Reserves in Kwazulu Natal.

The Ezemvelo Nature reserve is really a great place to visit. The fact that it is so close to the Gauteng Metro makes it a perfect destination just to get out of the city for a day.

But why just visit for the day when you can spend a weekend or even longer?

There is so much to see and do that a weekend will most probably be to short!

The Game Viewing is Really Great, just have a look at the Pictures below!

You can either go game viewing in your own car or book a game viewing trip at the reception of the park. They offer both day and night game drives, the latter being a great opportunity to view some of the more elusive species that are more active at night such as leopard and caracal You can also enjoy the following activities in the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve :

  • Hiking - There are several hiking trails that range from a few kilometres to overnight hikes. These are on my to do list the next time I am here.
  • Horseback safaris - Ezemvelo caters for experienced as well as novice riders. This is truly a great and unique way to get up close to the wildlife in the reserve. You definitely seem to get a lot closer to wildlife when you are on horseback as opposed to when you are on foot or in a vehicle.
  • Mountain Biking - Make use of this wonderful opportunity for you and your family to spend some quality time together in the great outdoors.
  • Fishing - The dam is walking distance from the camping ground, the Legae Chalets and the reception area (Where the day visitors parking and picnic facilities are situated). Try your luck with the Black Bass, Carp and Barbel (Catfish)...

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Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Our campsite in the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.

The camp is not fenced so game can move freely through the camping grounds.

The stands are level and there are electrical points and taps for water which are strategically placed throughout the caravan park
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve The view from our campsite. The dam can be seen in the distance.

It is not a huge dam but if you enjoy fishing you will enjoy the chance to fish in such tranquil surroundings. Ezemvelo has enough space for all.

There is even a swimming pool and playground for the kids to enjoy.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve The caravan park is situated in a grove of trees and each camp site has its own braai. (Barbeque, fire place)

No music is aloud! Fantastic!

The ablution blocks are small and rustic. They are clean and have more than enough hot water.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve The landscapes change from area to area in the reserve such as these rocky sections ...
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve ...to wide open grassland overlooking windswept valleys....
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve ...such as these pictures show.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
From this viewpoint it is possible to see the smooth worn rocks that marks the path of an ancient glacier.

It does not show on the photo but the view over the valley is still great! Bottom line? Come and see for yourself.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
This photo was taken close to where the family cottages are situated. The cottages will certainly be on our booking list when we visit again.

These weathered rocks are strewn about and are haphazardly stacked on top of each other.

One of the hiking trails also pass through this area.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
Pack a picnic basket while exploring the Ezemvelo Nature reserve.

What better way can there be to enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee than one brewed out in nature?
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
Apart from the few main roads through the park, you drive along tracks such as these ones meandering through the veld.

They are generally in good condition but after a wet rainy season as the one we just had I would not try them in the family sedan.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
We came across a few mud holes and drifts that required us to use 4 wheel drive to negotiate them.

I did not stop to take pictures! To busy I reckon...

Anyway, there are other roads that are suitable for sedans and there is always the option to book a game drive with the Ezemvelo team themselves.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Black Wildebeest
The number of animals that we saw really gladdened our hearts.

There are quite a large number of these Black Wildebeest around but not one of the herds allowed us to come closer to take better photos.

The moment that the car approached they took off! Mmm...A Horse trail maybe?
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Blesbok,Blesbuck
There are plenty of Blesbok (Blesbuck) in this nature reserve. You will find them around just about any corner.

These antelope are usually found in herds but we have seen some on their own such as this fine specimen.

All of the animals in this reserve are in excellent condition...
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Blue Wildebeest
...No doubt at all that the past rainy season was very good.

Even though it is April it is still raining and the veld looks like it is in the middle of the summer!

Not that these Blue Wildebeest are complaining!
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Eland
Eland! These magnificent animals are the largest buck species in Southern Africa.

If you are planning a safari to South Africa and would like to see Eland in their natural habitat...

...you might want to consider visiting the Ezemvelo Nature Reserve before rushing off to the Kruger National Park.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Gemsbok
Can you believe it! Gemsbok in Gauteng!

We are certainly very privileged to have these beautiful animals in Ezemvelo.

One would normally have to travel a heck of a lot further to see a Gemsbok
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Kudu
We surprised this small herd of Kudu ewes while finding our way to a viewpoint.

Just look at those ears!

If this is not beautiful, then what is beautiful?
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Red hartebeest
There are also quite a few Red Hartebeest around.

This one entertained us with his antics running up and down until he finally poised long enough for us to take this photo.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Springbok
Springbok! These graceful gazelles are the national animals of South Africa.

The Springbok emblem also used to be the national emblem of all of South Africa's sport teams.

It only remains the emblem of our national Rugby side, World Champions of Rugby World Cup 2007 and 1995.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve,Zebra
No matter where you find Zebra they are always a treat with their unique striped coats.

The old cliche, are they white with black stripes or are they black with white stripes?

Who knows, but you can find them right here in Ezemvelo Nature Reserve.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
The Wilge River is still flowing strong even though it is late Autumn.

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
The willows and other trees form a thick covering of the river banks.

It was close to this spot where we found the Gemsbok which we mentioned above.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
If you like birding keep an eye open for the colorful White Fronted Bee-eaters.

We saw several of them along this section of the river.
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
Another view of the river. To us it is really great to see the rivers full like this.

Africa can be a very dry place,
Ezemvelo Nature Reserve
Last pic...a low water bridge with the Wilge river flowing strongly underneath it.

Ezemvelo Nature Reserve Contact Details :

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures in this gallery. The contact details of this nature reserve if you would like to go see for yourself is :

Tel: +27 (0) 13 680 1399
Cell: +27 (0) 83 440 5886
Fax: +27 (0) 13 680 1397

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