Haak-en-Steek Rest Camp - Mokala National Park
An African Safari Campsites Review...

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The Haak-en-Steek Rest Camp brings camping back to its original intention...

...camping in the wild of Southern Africa in a tent with a simple campfire for heat and comfort  at night watching a star studded sky swimming along the milky way...

...getting drowsy after a day filled with game viewing, bird watching and simply losing all track of the outside world in the wide open spaces of the Karoo ...

...camaraderie around the campfire and planning the next great day in the Mokala National Park.

Close Encounters of the Wild kind...

Haak-en-Steek Rest Camp is situated in the heart of the Mokala National Park that was previously known as the Vaalbos National Park.

Sable Antelope,Mokala,Haak-en-Steek Sable Antelope - Mokala National Park

The Haak-en-Steek campsite is on the banks of a small water hole which is frequented by a variety of wildlife.

This includes big game such as Rhinos and Buffalo...

...and the campsite is not fenced.

So, be aware, enjoy the privilege of camping in this pristine wilderness and do not encroach on the personal space of these animals... 

...lets face it, you don't enjoy it either when people are in your face when all you want at the end of a hard day is to to enjoy a quiet drink and supper.

Enough of the philosophising!!

In my opinion this is a great camping and safari destination. It certainly gets a thumbs up in my little black book of off the beaten track campsites in South Africa.

What is there to do at Haak en Steek?

Haak-en-Steek,Mokala Camping at
Haak-en-Steek Campsite
Mokala National Park

Facilities: This is a rustic campsite set in the heart of the Mokala National Park. The facilities are basic but clean. This is wilderness camping with just enough amenities to get by.

If roughing it a bit is not your pot of tea then rather consider the more luxurious accommodation at Mosu Lodge, Mofele Lodge or the Lilydale Rest Camp. Further information is available on the SANparks Official Website

At the Haak-en-Steek Campsite you will find:

  • His and Hers toilet and shower with hot water
  • Braai Facilities
  • No Power points
  • No Electricity
  • The Haak-en-Steek campsite is not fenced and on the banks of a small waterhole. Big game such as Rhino and Buffalo are around so be on the lookout, especially after dark.
  • Basic provisions such as firewood and such can be bought at the reception.

Bird Hide,MokalaReflections on the water...
late afternoon, Mokala NP

Why should one camp at the Haak-en-Steek RestCamp? This could be a difficult question but then again, maybe it is not so difficult to answer.

I love camping at off the beaten track destinations. Mokala National Park fits this description perfectly. It is off the beaten track away from the crowds that you get at the big resorts. 

Being away from the crowds you find that you have space for yourself, your companions and simply enjoying  some of the best scenery and wildlife that you can find on a Southern African Safari.

It is rustic, so you have to work a bit at getting your camp set up and being self sufficient in supplying whatever comforts you enjoy...

  • Roughing it just a little bit! - If you enjoy camping for the sake of camping in the wilderness in a pristine Karoo setting...this is it! 
  • Enjoy camping without interference from the modern world... just you in the middle of a wide expanse of nothing more than Camel Thorn trees and savannah...
  • ...And of course, the birds and wildlife is abundant.
  • Day and Night Game Drives which can be booked at the reception.
  • Self drive game viewing ... This will take a whole day at least and you will certainly feel that you should have stayed a couple of days longer. One day is just not enough.
  • Bird Watching
  • If you are into landscape or wildlife photography you will certainly enjoy your stay here.
  • Waterhole at the campsite
  • Animals such as Tsessebe and Roan Antelope grazing close to the campsite and coming to drink at the waterhole. Remember that there are Buffalo and Rhinos as well!
  • The Bird Hide at the dam along the way to Lilydale is absolutely magnificent. The reflections on the water as the sun is setting is to simply put it...beautiful! Just take a look at the photos we have taken here.
  • Stargazing. The Milky Way and other constellations of the Southern Hemisphere is bright you hardly need a telescope to enjoy their glory...but then, imagine what you will see with a telescope. If you have a steady hand, a pair of binoculars will also unlock a good deal more than you expected. A good South African evening can be obtained from The Johannesburg Planetarium.
  • Just getting away from it all, relaxing around the campfire enjoying the sounds of the African night is more than enough reason to camp at Haak-en-Steek Rest Camp.

Mokala National ParkSomewhere in Mokala national Park...

Nearby Attractions: The great open expanses of the Karoo, Game farms and off course the big hole of Kimberley. 

This historic diamond mine is where the first diamonds in South Africa was found. 

Once one of the richest cities in South Africa, Kimberley has a rich source of history, including some colourful and flamboyant characters such as Barney Barnato and Cecil John Rhodes whom formed much of the history and future of Southern Africa.

Nearest Town: The city of Kimberley is a mere 87 kilometres away.

How to get to the Haak en Steek campsite in the Mokala National Park...

Directions of Route: The directions provided in the table below is from the airport in Kimberley, the nearest city to Mokala National Park. 

The road conditions from Kimberley to the turn-off  at point 7 below after 58 km is good. You travel on tarmac up to this point.

The next stage is a good gravel road up to the gate at Mokala National Park. It is somewhat corrugated in places but nothing to worry about.

Once inside Mokala the road becomes more of a dirt track the further you go. Judging to the ruts in places it could become a serious challenge in the rainy season so bear this in mind with your choice of vehicle when visiting this park. You might just need a 4 X 4 after heavy rains.

Directions to Mokala National Park from the Kimberley Airport
Directions and GPS points by courtesy of Garmin
  Directions: Distance: Leg Length: Leg
Total Time: Position:
1 Kimberley Airport 0 m     00:00:00 S28 47.537

E24 46.323
2 Get on Road and drive northwest 9 m 9 m 00:00:00 00:00:00 S28 47.540

E24 46.318
3 Turn left onto Oliver Road (N8) 996 m 987 m 00:01:03 00:01:03 S28 47.035

E24 46.391
4 Bear left onto Slipway 3.2 km 2.2 km 00:01:41 00:02:44 S28 46.058

E24 45.872
5 Turn left onto Macdougall Street 3.2 km 52 m 00:00:03 00:02:47 S28 46.034

E24 45.858
6 Turn left onto Memorial Road (N12 4.2 km 941 m 00:01:00 00:03:47 S28 45.923

E24 45.317
7 Turn right onto Road 58.0 km 53.9 km 53.9 km 00:38:07 S29 12.067

E24 32.148
8 Turn right onto Unpaved Road 79.1 km 21.1 km 00:31:47 01:09:54 S29 12.787

E24 19.573
9 Turn left onto Unpaved Road 82.0 km 2.9 km 00:08:31 01:18:25 S29 11.364

E24 20.154
10 Mokala National Park 87.4 km 5.4 km 00:12:22 01:30:47 S29 10.086

E24 19.178

Map of Route - Courtesy of Google maps:

View Mokala National Park in a larger map

Nearest Airport:  In order of distance and probable arrival in South Africa

  • Kimberley
  • Port Elizabeth
  • Cape Town (International)
  • Johannesburg (OR Tambo) (International)

Contact Details for Bookings at Haak-en-Steek Rest Camp:

You can contact Mokala National Park reservations by using the contact numbers below or you can book online at the South African National Parks official website

  • Telephone:+27 (0)53 2040 158 / 164 / 168
  • Fax: +27 (0)53 2040 176

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