Kruger National Park Animals Picture Gallery

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Leopard in tree

The leopard is probably the most difficult to spot of the big five. Sometimes you just see a movement from the corner of your eye...

Leopard Kruger National Park

...and by the time you have
stopped your car and got your camera out you are just in time to see
this magnificent cat disappear into the bush.

Lion feeding in KNP

The king of the beasts! Of all the Kruger National Park animals the lion without doubt causes the most excitement among tourists ...

Lion at kill

...especially if you are lucky enough to find them feeding at a kill. Sometimes you find yourself at the right place at the right time and might even witness the kill.

Lion feeding

A little lion cub wants a bit of lunch too....

Lion pride

...but dad just goes on eating without taking any notice of the youngster.

Vervet monkey with baby

A Vervet monkey with her baby. These monkeys are common throughout the bushveld. Their antics can and will certainly amuse you but please resist the temptation to feed them.

Tortoise crossing the road

Keep an eye open for other road users! The colours of this small tortoise's shell blends in with the road surface.


Waterbuck are found close to water and sometimes wading in the water itself.

Zebras grazing in the Kruger

Zebras are found in herds all over the Kruger. They often keep company with impala and wildebeest.

Crocodile basking on rock

Crocodiles are found in all the rivers and dams in the reserve.


Another common sight... Pumba the warthog! Often all you see is a family running off into the veld with their tails straight up like aerials!

Blue Wildebeest

A lone Blue wildebeest taking a good look at us.

Blue Wildebeest

They are usually found in herds but single animals are quite common as well.


Another member of the big five... Buffalo.


This was a lucky sighting... a cheetah in the lower branches of a tree.

Young elephant playing  inmud

A young elephant having some fun in a mud hole.

Kruger Elephant

The largest of the Kruger National Park animals. Elephants are found all over the park but there are usually big herds in the Letaba region.


These are my favourite animals! I simply love giraffes.

Hippos on the Letaba river bank

My mouth is bigger than yours! Where there is water there are hippos. These were photographed on the banks of the Letaba river.


Impalas are the most common gazelle in the Kruger, You literally find these graceful animals around every corner...


...and one of the most elusive, a Kudu bull. The ewes are seen quite often in small groups but the bulls are shyer. As big as they are they melt into the undergrowth and you often drive right by them without even knowing they are there.

Get to know the Kruger National Park animals that you will encounter while on safari in this great game reserve in South Africa. The photos of the wildlife in this gallery include a good cross section of what you can expect to see during a visit to this park.

For most tourists, ticking off the Big Five in their guide books is their first priority but the Kruger offers a whole lot more than that ranging from the smallest of creatures and insects to the very biggest of animals, the African Elephant.

What is there to do in the Kruger National Park?

  • Game drives either in your own vehicle or in game viewing vehicles on guided tours.
  • Back Packing Trails.
  • Wilderness Trails
  • Sunset Drives
  • Night Drives
  • 4X4 Adventure Trails.
  • Rustic Camping
  • Eco Trails
  • Guided Walks
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Do not forget your camera, binoculars,bird and wildlife guide books!

Click here for  more information on these activities in the Kruger National Park

Where to stay?

The Central Kruger park has a wide variety of accommodation choices ranging from Luxury lodges  to Rustic Camping:

Main Rest Camps:

  • Mopani
  • Olifants
  • Letaba
  • Orpen with satellite camps at Maroela and Tamboti
  • Satara with a satelite camp at Balule
  • Tsendze

Bushveld Camps:

  • Shimuwini
  • Talamati

Overnight Hides:

  • Sable
  • Shipandani

Bush Lodges:

  • Boulders
  • Roodewal

You can check availability and to book any of the accommodation above directly on the SANParks Website

If you would like to search for alternative accommodation  in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park I can also recommend  that you do so through Safarinow . They  have a huge  selection of South African Safari lodges on their books and their service is excellent.


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