Kruger National Park Birds Picture Gallery

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The Bateleur is one of the most impressive raptors that I can think of.

Crested Francolin

A Crested Francolin crossing the road.
Keep your eyes open when driving as these birds will suddenly run across the
road in front of you when startled.

Egyptian Goose

Circles in the Egyptian Goose wading in the shallows of a stream.

Fish Eagle

A Fish Eagle sunning himself on the banks of the Letaba River. These magnificent birds have a very distinct call that will always remain with you and remind you of your safari in the

Fork Tailed Drongo

The Fork Tailed Drongo is found throughout Southern Africa. (This is a terrible photo and I apologise for that but I simply had to include it in this Gallery!)

Kruger National Parks Birds Picture Gallery - Glossy Starlings

Glossy starlings are another very common sight, especially in the rest camps where they will scavenge after scraps of food around the chalets and
camp sites.

Grey Heron

Now where is lunch? A Grey Heron staring intently for a small fish or a frog to reveal its presence.

Ground Hornbill

Ground Hornbill making his way through the veld in search of mice, lizards and insects. Unfortunately the ground Hornbill is on the red list as endangered species.


This Gymnogene is getting ready to feed on a squirrel it has caught. When driving through any game reserve you need to be aware of any movement in trees and shrubs. You never know what you might miss by just driving by.

Hooded Vulture

A Hooded Vulture. The presence of vultures could indicate a lion kill in
the vicinity. Keep an eye out for these birds circling in the sky and then landing in trees and on the ground. You might just find that Lion you were looking for!

Lilac Breasted Roller

A typical sight in the Kruger. The vivid flash of colours as a Lilac Breasted Roller flies from
tree to tree. This one has just caught an insect.

Little Bee Eater

A little Bee eater surveying the surrounding brush.

Long Crested Eagle

A long Crested Eagle sitting in the top a dead tree. It is really a good idea to bring along a set of binoculars. You often see birds of prey high up in trees but in order to properly identify them, binoculars are priceless.

Marabou Stork

One of the less attractive Kruger National park birds. A Marabou
stork sitting in a tree. These birds along with vultures are scavengers that feed of the remains left on carcasses.

Namaqua Doves

Namaqua doves....

Ostriches in the Kruger National Park

No safari is complete without seeing these huge birds ambling along.

Pied Kingfisher

A Pied Kingfisher sitting on the side of a bridge over the Olifants river.  It is amazing how sharp their vision is. They pick up on a movement in the water and swoop down to catch small
fish as they rise to the surface of the water.

Red Billed Oxpecker

A red billed Oxpecker on the back of a zebra. They feed on the ticks that they find on the animals.

Saddle Billed Storks

Two Saddlebilled Storks preening themselves....

Saddle Billed Stork fishing

This Saddlebilled stork is chasing a fish through the shallow water

White Fronted Bee eater

A White Fronted Bee Eater at rest. These colourful birds are a joy to watch.

Woodland Kingfisher

A Woodland Kingfisher.  You often just spot the bright blue flash of sunlight reflecting off their wings as they fly between the trees in the bush.

KNP Yellow Billed Hornbill

The Yellow Billed Hornbill is found throughout the bushveld and lowveld of Southern Africa.

Yellow Billed Stork

A Yellow Billed Stork taking a nap on the bank of a waterhole.

This gallery of Kruger National Park birds shows you a sample of some the birds you can spot while on safari in this great game reserve.

The game viewing activities while on safari in the Kruger or in any of the other game reserves and National Parks in Southern Africa usually revolves around spotting the Big 5 and other big game.

One tends to forget that these parks are also excellent birding destinations.There are more than 800 different bird species in Southern Africa of which more than 500 can be found in the Kruger National Park. Some of these species are only to be found here.

Bring your Binoculars and Bird Guide Books!

The different habitats in this park attract a whole lot of different species ranging from the biggest of raptors to the tiniest cisticola.

The birds that we have included in this Kruger National Kruger Birds Picture gallery is but a small sample of what you can expect to view.  If you do not have your own Bird Guide Book you can always buy some guide books at the entrance gates of the park along with maps and other general information booklets.

These are great for identifying the various birds but if you want more in depth information a good guide book such as the Roberts or Sasol Bird Guide book is essential.

What is there to do in the Kruger National Park?

  • Game drives either in your own vehicle or in game viewing vehicles on guided tours.
  • Back Packing Trails.
  • Wilderness Trails
  • Sunset Drives
  • Night Drives
  • 4X4 Adventure Trails.
  • Rustic Camping
  • Eco Trails
  • Guided Walks
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Do not forget your camera, binoculars,bird and wildlife guide books!

Click here for  more information on these activities in the Kruger National Park

Where to stay?

The Central Kruger park has a wide variety of accommodation choices ranging from Luxury lodges  to Rustic Camping:

Main Rest Camps:

  • Mopani
  • Olifants
  • Letaba
  • Orpen with satellite camps at Maroela and Tamboti
  • Satara with a satelite camp at Balule
  • Tsendze

Bushveld Camps:

  • Shimuwini
  • Talamati

Overnight Hides:

  • Sable
  • Shipandani

Bush Lodges:

  • Boulders
  • Roodewal

You can check availability and to book any of the accommodation above directly on the SANParks Website

If you would like to search for alternative accommodation  in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park I can also recommend  that you do so through Safarinow . They  have a huge  selection of South African Safari lodges on their books and their service is excellent.


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