Central Kruger National Park Picture Gallery

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Blue Wildebeest - Kruger National Park
Boabab Tree
Dung Beetles
Elephants protecting baby
Elephant napping on his feet.
Elephant grazing  in the Central Kruger Park
Flower -Kruger Park
Wild flowers in the Kruger
Giraffe grazing
Giraffe at rest
Giraffe Youngster
Herd of Impalas
Male Lion  resting
Nyala Cow
Olifants Rest Camp
Waterbuck grazing
Waterbuck herd

Our Central Kruger National Park Picture gallery captures the spirit of this magical Southern African Safari destination. The central region of the Kruger is renowned for great game viewing including frequent sightings of the big five.

The big five, Elephants, Buffalo, Rhinos, Leopards and off course the king of the jungle, lions, are all encountered quite regularly in this region. The area around Satara is highly recommended for game viewing.

A good number of visitors to the Kruger are of the opinion that this is one of the best places for game viewing. I certainly agree that the game viewing here is top notch.

Hardly a kilometre goes by without spotting some animal or bird of interest. The scenery and habitat change as you travel through the park and always provide you with something to look out for. As the habitat changes, the wildlife you find differ as well.  

What is there to do in the Central Kruger National Park?

  • Game drives either in your own vehicle or in game viewing vehicles on guided tours.
  • Back Packing Trails.
  • Wilderness Trails
  • Sunset Drives
  • Night Drives
  • 4X4 Adventure Trails.
  • Rustic Camping
  • Eco Trails
  • Guided Walks
  • Mountain Bike Trails
  • Do not forget your camera, binoculars,bird and wildlife guide books!

Click here for  more information on these activities in the Kruger National Park

Where to stay?

The Central Kruger park has a wide variety of accommodation choices ranging from Luxury lodges  to Rustic Camping:

Main Rest Camps:

  • Mopani
  • Olifants
  • Letaba
  • Orpen with satellite camps at Maroela and Tamboti
  • Satara with a satelite camp at Balule
  • Tsendze

Bushveld Camps:

  • Shimuwini
  • Talamati

Overnight Hides:

  • Sable
  • Shipandani

Bush Lodges:

  • Boulders
  • Roodewal

You can check availability and to book any of the accommodation above directly on the SANParks Website

If you would like to search for alternative accommodation  in the vicinity of the Kruger National Park I can also recommend  that you do so through Safarinow . They  have a huge  selection of South African Safari lodges on their books and their service is excellent.


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