Marakele National Park

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Marakele Pictures...Are you looking for pictures of African safari destinations that are off the beaten track?

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Look no further! This National Park is situated in the Waterberg biosphere and as far as African safari campsites goes, is certainly one of the great places to visit in my book.

It offers real unique wilderness experiences for the discerning nature lover...

This a must visit African safari destination. You must visit it to truly experience the views, the fauna, the flora, the wilderness.

Pictures cannot really do justice to the maginificent landscapes and views to be seen here.

Another great plus point of this bushveld destination is the fact that it is outside the Malaria belt.

Enjoy the photos!

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Marakele,pictures of African safari The entrance gate to Marakele. From here it is a short distance on a good gravel road to Bontle camp. There are other, more luxurious accommodation available in the National park.
Marakele,pictures of African safari The campsites are spacious and level. All have electricity. Remember to bring a camping fridge. It gets very hot here in summer. There are no pools and other activities here. The focus is on nature and it's conservation. Come prepared to do birding and game viewing. Also come prepared to sit back, relax and watch the sun set while the activities of the wildlife by the waterhole and surrounding areas entertain you for hours on end.
Marakele,pictures of African safari We prefer to camp in the first circle of campsites as you enter Bontle as it offers the best views of the waterhole and open plain where the wildlife such as Rhinos, Giraffes, Blue Wildebeest and Impala graze. The second circle of campsites is a bit further away. The third circle is hidden away in the indigenous bush and offers plenty of shade, which in this part of the world is not a bad idea...especially in summer.
Marakele,pictures of African safari The ablutions, although basic and rustic, are cleaned every day and there is plenty of hot water available.
Marakele,pictures of African safari This is why we prefer camping in the first circle of campsites at Bontle in Marakele....a perfect view over the open veld (grassland devoid of trees) to the waterhole which is a short distance away. Bring your binoculars and cameras. You won't be disappointed
Marakele,pictures of African safari As the day progresses, different species of African wildlife makes their appearance for a drink at the waterhole and then to graze and sometimes play on the open veld in front of the waterhole. As most of the National Park is either mountain or bushveld, open plains such as this with a waterhole means excellent game it is from the comfort of your campsite.
Marakele,pictures of African safari Late afternoon and the Giraffes and Rhinos put in an appearance....
Marakele,pictures of African safari Marakele National park forms part of the Waterberg Biosphere. It offers an unique African Safari Landscape that changes around every corner. In order to enjoy and explore the park you must have a 4X4 vehicle. Depending on the season it can be very muddy, always rocky, sandy on the flats and very steep along the mountains. The last time I was there some of the tracks were completely washed out. It was more like negotiating river beds with boulders than driving on a road. But then, this is part of the attraction. It is way off the general tourist's radar!
Marakele,pictures of African safari Now check this the middle of the picture on top of the mountain range (click on the picture to enlarge...) you can make out some radio masts on the horizon. This is our destination on top of the Waterberg Mountains in Marakele National Park. The road to the topped is tarred and can be negotiated with an ordinary sedan. However, take note, if you are afraid of heights, rather let someone else drive!!
Marakele,pictures of African safari Once you get to the top, you will be rewarded with this view...
Marakele,pictures of African safari A different perspective of the view from the top...
Marakele,pictures of African safari Descending the mountain! As you can see this road has a tarred surface and is in a good condition. However, take note, this road is a single lane and can mostly only accommodate one vehicle in any direction. So, please keep an eye out for other cars traveling in the opposite direction. Passing is difficult! Generally, the car going uphill has the right of way, so, if you are going downhill, and you see a car approaching, keep a lookout for a safe spot to pull over and let the other car pass. Luckily, you can see quite a distance, so you usually have enough time to decide where to pull over.
Marakele,pictures of African safari Another picture of the road winding down into the valley...
Marakele,pictures of African safari There are so many different things to see in Marakele. In this case, just check out the contrasts between the gravel road, the green of the trees, the blue sky with floating clouds, the shade cast by trees in the midday sun...I love it!
Marakele,pictures of African safari I rest my case. And come to think of it, this is only one of many, many beautiful places in sunny Southern Africa...

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