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Wild Side? Then try this Route through the Kruger National Park into the Limpopo Cross Border Park!

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This route past Massingir Dam where you can camp on a hill overlooking the dam is a real wilderness safari experience.

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Travelling through the Limpopo Cross Border Park from the Kruger National Park is certainly an exciting alternative to the normal route to Mozambique through Komatipoort.

It is fairly rough going so a vehicle with high ground clearance is advisable.

The campsite is called Aguia Pesqueira, place of the Fish Eagles.

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Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The Giriyondo Border post into Mozambique is roughly 50 km north of Letaba in the Kruger National Park.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The border post buildings are neat with thatched roofs which fits into the natural surroundings. You pass through the Kruger National Park and enter the Limpopo Cross Border National Park in Mozambique. There are generally no queues here and the staff are friendly. This is a great alternative route to the N4 through Komatipoort. That is, if you don't mind gravel roads that gets a bit rough in places.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Be aware that over and above the normal taxes to cross the border, there is also an entrance fee payable at the border for entering the Limpopo Park.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The gravel road winds through the scenic bush. The road gets better as you approach the town of Massingir. From the dam wall the road is tarred and actually quite good.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Even though you travel through a National Park there are villages here and there so watch out for their cattle, goats as well as children that run into the road shouting: "Sweets! Sweets!"
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo It takes time to travel this route. It is a good idea to camp at Massingir Dam to break the journey over two or more days. Here is the reception at the camp site.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The rustic ablutions at the campsite are basic and consists of a shower and toilet. There is no electricity. Hot water is provided with a gas geyser.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The scullery....the scullery maids are ours. Bring your own!
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo With the tents pitched and the camp organized, it is time to relax...
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo ...around the campfire as the sun sets.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo There are spectacular views over the dam from the campsite such as this...
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo ...and this. It is a huge dam pushing back up river for approximately 70 kilometers when full.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo We only stayed overnight on this trip but I would love to return, stay a bit longer and do some fishing in this dam...
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Sunrise over the Bushveld. We are breaking camp early as we have a long way ahead of us to our next campsite in Barra, Inhambane.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Ready to move out! Safari!
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo The sandy tracks winds it's way through the bush...
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo ...and then stretches to the horizon. Take your time traveling this route. Enjoy the scenery and of course, the fact that you are traveling through the wilderness.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Once you reach the Massingir Dam wall, you are back on tarred roads. The road crosses the dam wall.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo You can stop on the wall to take photos of the dam. The view is spectacular.
Massingir, Mozambique, Limpopo Another picture taken from the top of dam wall.

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