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Maxixe is situated across the bay from Inhambane town, a mere 3km away. Any holiday in Inhambane should include a trip on a Dhow.

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Why would that be? The round trip by car Roughly 70 Km) on a road that is in very bad condition takes a long time.

In any case, why would you want to drive by car if you can make the trip in an authentic Arabian Dhow? It is such a wonderful experience which you will never forget.

Inhambane is the southern most point in Africa with an operational dhow fleet. The town of Maxixe has a busy market and the dhows are crossing the bay all the time.

So, there is no reason not to bargain with the master of a dhow to ferry you across the bay.

Enjoy the pictures...

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Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique Boarding a dhow is simple. You take off your shoes, roll up your trousers and wade through the shallows...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique ...where you clamber aboard. There is a modern pier under construction where you can board a proper ferry to cross the bay, but this is much more fun!
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique All Aboard! It is sometimes a bit crowded as the master tries to squeeze in as many passengers as possible, but who cares? It is all part of the experience.
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique On this trip there was hardly any wind at all, so the crew certainly earned their money by rowing us across the bay.
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique As you leave the harbor there is a lovely view of this church. There are a number of beautiful as well as old and impressive church buildings throughout Mozambique
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique Halfway there...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique When you disembark, keep an eye out for this restaurant on your right hand side. It is a block from the harbor. if you want to go to the market, just carry on straight. The road from the harbor ends at the market entrance..
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique The restaurant is set in a beautiful, shady garden...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique ...with lovely views across the bay...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique ...such as this...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique ...and this. In this part of the world you tend to get trigger happy with a camera!
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique In case I have not mentioned it before, the local 2M beer is great!
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique At the end of a lovely day, it is time to head back to the harbour...
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique ...where once again you board in the traditional manner.
Maxixe,Inhambane,dhow,Mozambique The sunlight ripples on the water as we return to Inhambane. What a lovely day. You must try this, another Magical Southern African Safari moment.

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