African Safari Camp Sites Reviewed - one of the Top Places to Camp in Mozambique

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I love Morrungulo! It is a tropical paradise destination on the coast of Mozambique.

The warm waters of the Indian Ocean makes swimming, diving and all water activities a pleasure all year round.

The setting among the Coconut Palms and indigenous bush is picture perfect.

The stands are shady and covered with lush grass. Because it is so sheltered you are hardly aware of any wind blowing. The beaches are pristine and the fishing is great.

This is the perfect place to bring the family to relax for a seaside vacation away from the hustle and bustle that you normally experience at other beach resorts.

Just have a look at the pictures of this great destination to see what I mean!

There are also a number of self catering thatch roofed beachfront chalets as an alternative to camping.

The service of the staff and management is great. Highly recommended.

So, what's on offer?

Morrungulo, Mozambique, African safari campsites The ablutions
at Morrungulo

The facilities are clean and neat and include:

  • Large Shady and grassy stands
  • Electricity is available at some stands
  • Clean Ablutions
  • Hot water
  • Curio Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Bar

Morrungulo,Mozambique, African safari campsites The beach
at Morrungulo

Entertainment consists of:

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing (Direct access to the beach from the camp if you have your own boat)
  • Miles of unspoiled beaches to explore

Pomene,Mozambique,African Safari Campsites Pomene

Nearby Attractions:

  • John's bakery for daily baked fresh Portuguese bread.
  • The nearest big town is Massinga where you can buy petrol and most other supplies.
  • Be sure to visit nearby Pomene. This day trip along a sandy track is well worth the effort. You do need a 4X4. This off course, is also another excellent camping site so maybe you would want to make this more than just a day trip! Just have a look at these pictures of Pomene to whet your appetite!

How to get there...

Directions: Take the EN1 north from Maputo. It is roughly 650 km north of Maputo. The drive will take the better part of a day so be sure to leave early to avoid driving after dark.

Drive through the town of Massinga and keep a lookout for the turnoff to Morrungulo on your right. This is approximately 29 km north of Massinga. From this point on you travel to the coast for 13 km on a dirt road. Although not necessary, a 4 wheel drive vehicle is recommended.

We found the road to be quite good during the winter when we camped here, but I would imagine that it could be more difficult during the rainy season. So, maybe it is a good idea to check on the road condition before visiting.

This in actual fact is a good idea wherever you intend to camp in Mozambique as some destinations are strictly 4X4 only.

GPS Coordinates:

23°14'00.80"S 35°29'31.00"E

Contact details:

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