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Pilanesberg National Park

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Pilanesberg National Park is situated in the North West province of South Africa. It is close to the internationally acclaimed resorts of Sun City, Lost City and the Valley of the Waves.

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Over and above these resorts there are lodges, caravan and camping sites at Manyane and Bakgatla.

This National Park has the unique distinction of being situated in an extinct Volcano. The climate is great and it is a great place to visit throughout the year.

The roads are in good condition so there is no reason why not to visit driving a sedan.

The Pilanesberg Game Reserve is home to the Big Five which adds extra excitement to the game viewing.

There is plenty of water in the park resulting in some great water birds sightings. Just the place to catch a Fish Eagle in action.

Game Viewing Drives can be arranged from all the resorts and game lodges.

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Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos,Bakgatla Welcome to the Bakgatla Gate at Pilanesberg. If you stay at one of the resorts such as Bakgatla, you only have to pay a once off entrance fee to the park. They will provide you with a permit for the duration of your stay so that you are free to come and go as you please.
Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos We camped at Bakgatla under some shady trees. We particularly liked the Bushveld atmosphere at this campsite. Manyane is also nice but with more of a holiday resort type feeling.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Here are some Blue Wildebeest that we encountered while driving through the park.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Can you spot the crocodile?.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos This is part of a large herd of elephants that we encountered late one afternoon.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos These two youngsters were having some fun trying to decide who is King of the Road!
Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Hello down there!?.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos We saw a number of Giraffes during this visit to Pilanesberg. Giraffes are certainly one of our favorite African Safari Animals.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos It is not just about the Big Five and other large mammals either. Here is a picture of Guinea Fowl alongside the road. If you enjoy birding this is an ideal destination as the park exists in the transition zone between Bushveld and the drier Kalahari type vegatation. This means that species common to both type of habitats occur here. So, bring your Roberts or Sasol Bird guide and binoculars and enjoy the stay...
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos A Heron patiently looking for lunch in this puddle left by the recent rain...
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos ...and what do you know! This Lioness also looking for lunch at the Malatse Dam. This Lioness patiently stalked and eventually caught a young Waterbuck. Unfortunately this was beyond the range of the camera we had with us but at least we could witness the kill through our binoculars.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos This picture was taken from the hide at Mankwe Dam.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos A picture of a Pied Kingfisher, also taken from the hide at Mankwe Dam.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Late afternoon at the Ratlhogo waterhole with some Impala having come to slack their thirst.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos I am a sucker for pictures of reflections on water.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Oops! You may have the right of way, sir! We were lucky enough to see both Black and white Rhino during our visit, the White Rhinos being more prevalent.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos A Rhino rubbing post. Rhinos enjoy rubbing themselves against a post like this to rid them from parasites. As you can see this post is worn smooth from all the use through the years.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos This picture of Makorwane and Mankwe dams in the distance was taken from the Lenong viewpoint.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos This picture of Makorwane dam was also taken from the Lenong viewpoint.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos There are a number of viewpoints where you can while the afternoon away...
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos ...while admiring views such as these. Don?t forget your binoculars!
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Blue skies, blue water, just another beautiful day in South Africa.
 Pilanesberg,African Safari Photos Zebras...

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