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These stunning Richtersveld South Africa photos were taken in June, in the heart of the South African winter. We were expecting to find a barren desert landscape but to our delight we found the National Park covered in flowers!

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The last thing we expected was to be treated by this great floral display as the West Coast and Northern Cape flowering season usually starts late winter and is at its best in spring.

Imagine our surprise finding that we had an unexpected bonus added to our safari through the Richtersveld.

The flowers alone would have been worth the journey to this wild and beautiful mountain desert destination.

Richtersveld South Africa...

... is a safari destination that is way off the beaten track and the desert can be harsh and unforgiving for the unprepared traveller. Four wheel drive and other vehicles with suitable ground clearance are the required mode of transport. Ordinary sedans are not allowed in the Richtersveld National Park.

There are quite a few reputable safari operators that offer tours through the Richtersveld.

My recommendation is that you book a tour through one of these companies should you want to visit the Richtersveld South Africa which is also part of the greater Ais-Ais Richtersveld National Park.

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Richtersveld National Park On route to the Richtersveld National Park from Alexander Bay to Sendelingsdrift.

The landscape is covered in yellow with the far off mountains in blue.

The Richtersveld, South Africa comprises a huge tract of land with the National Park nestled in the mountains.
Richtersveld national Park

Once inside the National Park the landscape changes dramatically.

The road from Sendelingsdrift  through Akkedis Pass on our way to our campsite at De Hoop.

Richtersveld National Park The roads in the park are very bad in places. You have to be prepared to repair tyres if neccesary.

Make sure of your tyre pressures and always have a tyre repair kit, tyre levers and a compressor in your car.

Two spare tyres are recommended.
Richtersveld National Park Typical Richtersveld views...

...Valleys, mountains and a road disappearing into nowhere.

I love the solitude of this place.
Richtersveld National Park Between the mountains the roads follow the dry river beds.

The tracks are mostly gravel such as in this picture.

In place it consists of very deep sand and over the mountain passes it is steep and rocky.

The tracks and roads are mostly badly corrugated.
Richtersveld National Park Beautiful daisies abounded through the park.

We were truly fortunate with the timing of our safari.
Richtersveld National Park
A natural rock garden.  Different flowers are found in the mountains to those found on the sandy flats.

The predominant colours were purple and yellow.
Richtersveld National Park
Different flowers but the purple and yellow theme continues.
Richtersveld National Park
More flower with a lone Tree Aloe dominating the skyline.

We were absolutely surprised by the wide variety of flowers and succulents we found.

We spent hours just walking around and enjoying the abundance of a desert in flower.

Richtersveld National Park
From Helskloof back to De Hoop we crossed another mountain pass with some stunning views of the surrounding scenery.

In the forefront on the right is a Botterboom, a dwarf succulent tree that is found in the Richtersveld South Africa.
Richtersveld National Park
A typical rocky track winding its way over the mountains while the valleys spread out below.
Richtersveld National Park
Views, views and more views!
Richtersveld National Park
This is one of the things that I will always remember of this safari...

...tracks disappearing in the distance among fields of yellow flowers stretching as far as the eye can see.
Richtersveld National Park
What a complete contrast!

This is what we expected to encounter in a mountain desert.

This barren landscape is in the central Richtersveld National Park en route from De Hoop to Richtersberg.
Richtersveld National Park
A splash of yellow brightens the harsh desert background... 
Richtersveld National Park the road winds its way through the rocky pass on the way to Richtersberg.
Richtersveld National Park
A huge quiver tree in the middle of nowhere...
Richtersveld National Park
Another magnificent view of black mountains surrounding the sandy floodplain of a river long dry.

Tatasberg, Richtersveld South Africa.
Richtersveld National Park
A view from the Kokerboomkloof road across Springbokvlakte in the distance.
Richtersveld national Park
Kokerboomkloof is a wild and lonely spot in the Richtersveld far from any civilisation.

The campsite is situated among the huge rock formations found here.

If you want to get away from it all...

Kokerboomkloof is the place!
Richtersveld National Park
The late afternoon sun and shadows paints the desert in subtle colours as we make our way back to De Hoop.
Richtersveld National Park
The De Hoop camp site on the banks of the Orange River.

Across the river is the Namibia section of the Ais-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier Park

Camping in the Richtersveld is very basic and you need to be completely self sufficient.
Richtersveld National Park
The bigness of it all makes you feel small...
Richtersveld National Park
A Quiver Tree in flower. The name is derived from the Nama people who live here who used the branches to make quivers for their arrows.
Richtersveld National Park
A lone tree overlooking the mountains near the top of Helskloof Pass.
Richtersveld National Park
Stapelia Gariepensis or the Bobbejaan-aasblom as it is called in Afrikaans...

...somewhere along the road through Helskloof Pass.

Richtersveld National Park
Helskloof Pass is a must do drive.

The scenery is incredible and well worth the slow drive along the steep and rock pass...
Richtersveld National Park
...with beautiful flowers...
Richtersveld National Park
...found around every corner...
Richtersveld National Park
...and turn of the Helskloof Pass. Richtersveld South Africa at its best!
Richtersveld National Park
A close up shot of Vygies that are  common in this area.
Richtersveld national Park
On the road to Potjiespram...

...the desert transformed by masses of yellow flowers.
Richtersveld National Park

The Half Mens is a succulent endemic to the Richtersveld. The name Half Mens translated means "Half Human".

Looking at these plants one can believe the folk tales of the Khoi and Nama people that the Half Mens was an old enemy that was banished from their homeland in Namibia and transformed into these plants while looking back to the north over their shoulders.

Richtersveld National Park
The Half Mens is also known as "Elephant Trunk" and "Ladies Leg."
Richtersveld National Park
A Half Mens bowing to a Quiver Tree...

...The Richtersveld South Africa is a safari destination well worth visiting.

The remoteness, the scenery and the flora will stay with you forever and like a Half Mens you will always longingly look over your shoulder to return...

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I hope you have enjoyed the pictures in this gallery. The contact detailsof the National Park is :

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