Road Map of South Africa

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A good Road Map of South Africa is essential for any safari or tour through this country. It is also important that you buy a recent and up to date map because we have had a lot of name changes taking place over the last few years. Towns, cities and street names have changed with the result that even we locals get confused!

An up to date road map of South Africa makes it a lot easier to get around. 

I personally like to use a map book rather than a traditional folded map as it is easier for the navigator to use inside a car.

  It makes navigating on the go a lot easier, especially if it is used in conjunction with a GPS unit such as Garmin.  A traditional folded map on the other hand is handy to give you the big picture when planning your road trip.
The map books usually have the street maps of the bigger city centres included as well.

It is however better to get a street map book of the city as well. Once again take into consideration that a lot of street names have changed and may not match the names in your street map, especially if you have an older version.

Map Studios is an excellent Map Supplier. Their products are up to date and of good quality. I really like their street maps of the bigger cities. If your are going on safari to off the beaten track destinations I recommend that you make use of InfoMaps .

If you would like to buy a map, atlas or travel guide of Southern Africa you can do so online from For your convenience you can browse through the selection of maps and guides below in our bookshop. Enjoy!

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