Different Types of African Safaris
Catering for Different Types
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Different types of African Safaris caters for all types of tastes, are always a great adventure and is something that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime!

Who said an African Safari is only about hunting and trekking through the Hinterland on foot fighting off Lions and other Dangerous Animals?

  • So what is your passion?

  • What do you enjoy doing?

  • What gives you the thrill of your life?

  • Why not combine it with an Magical Southern African safari?

Here are some ideas on different Types of African safaris to whet your apetite....

In Southern Africa there is a whole world of adventure to experience and to enjoy. There are so many different safaris that you can choose from.

African Hunting Safaris:

  • Africa Hunting Safari
  • Bird Hunting Safari
  • Bow Hunting Safari
  • Hunting Safari Zambia
  • Hunting Safari Zimbabwe
  • Namibia Hunting Safari
  • South African Hunting Safari

African Wildlife Safaris:

  • African Big Five Safari
  • African Big Game Safari
  • Africa Lion Safari
  • African Elephant Safari
  • Dangerous Game Safari
  • South Africa Birding
  • South African Wildlife Safari
  • Whale Watching South Africa
  • Wildlife African Safaris

African Safari Destinations:

  • African Bushveld Safaris
  • African Wilderness Safari
  • Lion Country Safari
  • Mozambique Safari
  • Namibia Safari
  • Wine Tours South Africa
  • South African Safaris and Tours
  • Zambia Safari
  • Zimbabwe Safaris
  • Desert Safaris

African Safari Lifestyles:

  • African Camping Safari
  • Africa Safari Holiday
  • Africa Safari Trip
  • Family African Safari
  • South Africa Family Safari
  • South African Safari with Kids
  • African Fly in Safari
  • African Luxury Safari
  • Luxury Botswana Safari
  • Luxury Safari Vacation
  • Luxury South African Safaris
  • African Golfing Safari
  • African Honeymoon Safari
    A Honeymoon Safari in Southern Africa can be an incredibly romantic experience. There so many wonderful Safari Lodges, Game Reserves and other idyllic destinations to choose from. Just imagine strolling along the sun drenched beaches of Mozambique or South Africa with the music of the waves and seagulls in the background.

    How about sipping red wine by a campfire with the sounds of the African Bushveld in the night around you knowing that shortly you will be cuddling up under a mosquito net in your lodge...

    Here is the story of our Honeymoon in South Africa, slightly different but we loved every minute of it!

  • African Horseback Safari
  • African Overland Safari
  • African Self Drive Safari
  • African Photography Safari
  • African Train Safaris
  • African Walking Safari
  • Backpacker African Safari
  • Balloon Safari South Africa
  • Classic African Safari
  • Traditional African Safari
  • Night Safari
  • Scuba Diving Safaris
  • Shark Diving South Africa

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