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Witsand Nature Reserve, Kalahari, South Africa...what a great South African Safari destination!

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The name Witsand, translated from Afrikaans means White Sands, referring to the white sand dunes that are found here.

This is the southernmost point where the white Kalahari sand dunes are found. The dunes are also called "Brulsand" or roaring sands because of the rumbling sound you hear when you walk on it.

Come and surf a Sand Dune!

One of the activities in Witsand is Dune surfing. You can rent a board at the park reception for this purpose.

It is great fun going down the dune but then you have to climb back up to go again which is hard going in the loose sand if you are not that fit.  Some of the dunes are up to 60 meters high.

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Witsand Nature Reserve, Secretary Bird We disturbed this Secretary Bird on our way to Witsand.

He was settling in for the  night on a communal weavers nest on top of a telephone  pole  along the roadside but promptly stood up to take off the moment the car stopped.
Witsand Nature Reserve The entrance to Witsand Nature Reserve.
Witsand Nature Reserve An Ox Wagon graces the yard at the reception.

These wagons were the main means of transport of the Voortrekkers and other early pioneers in South Africa.
Witsand Nature Reserve The White Sand from which the reserve's name is derived. The normal colour of sand in the Kalahari is red.
Witsand Nature Reserve Looks like a day at the beach doesn't it?
Witsand Nature Reserve You can explore the dunes along the campsite on foot.

This is a great way to enjoy the park.
Witsand Nature Reserve
The campsites at Witsand all have power points and are set among the trees for shade.

There are taps close to the stands and each site has a stone braai and grid. (Barbeque)

The ablution block and other amenities are of a very high standard.
Witsand Nature Reserve, Duiker
One of the regular visitors at the campsite. This Duiker is quite tame ...
Witsand Nature Reserve, Duiker
...and popped in every now and then to see if there is not a snack on offer!
Witsand Nature Reserve, Duiker
Quite happy to eat out of your hand.
Witsand Nature Reserve, Ground Squirrel
Also in the campsite, a Ground Squirrel came around to look us over.
Witsand Nature Reserve
The dunes are also popular for sand gliding. You can rent boards at Witsand to enjoy this activity.
Witsand Nature Reserve
The dunes are the main attraction of this nature reserve.
Witsand Nature Reserve
Another view over Witsand Nature Reserve.

There are a few roads that you can take to viewpoints in the reserve where you can park and then explore on foot.
Witsand Nature Reserve Birding
I enjoyed visiting the bird hide at Witsand where you can really get close to the birdlife...
Witsand Nature Reserve Birding
...such as this Red-eyed Bulbul Red Billed Quelea
Witsand Nature Reserve Birding
Bath Time! The bird hide overlooks this small pool which is very popular with our feathered friends.
Witsand Nature Reserve Birding
Red-faced Mousebirds enjoying the late afternoon sun.
Witsand nature Reserve Birding
A Crested Barbet hopping around the branches of a tree adjacent to our campsite looking for something to eat.
Witsand Nature Reserve Birding
Back at the bird hide...a pair of Bulbuls having a drink.
Witsand Nature Reserve
Witsand is a great place to get away from it all. Even though it is remote the facilities are top notch and even luxurious. 
Witsand Nature Reserve
Pack a pair of comfortable shoes or hiking boots to explore the dunes on foot.
Witsand Nature Reserve
Another view of the white dunes in the distance
Witsand Nature Reserve, Springbok
Witsand Nature Reserve
...and a communal nest just about covering the whole tree. Just some of the memories we take away from Witsand Nature Reserve.
Witsand Nature Reserve, Campfire
Our last night at Witsand and what better way than to end our stay around a campfire!

Highly reccomended. I would love to return here any time ...

Witsand Nature Reserve Contact Details :

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures in this gallery. The contact details of Witsand are:

Tel: +27 (0)53 313 1061
Fax: +27 (0)53 313 1062
Mobile: +27 (0)83 234 7573


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